Company/Purina, Niño Jesús Hospital and URJC identify improvements in mental health of adolescents with eating disorders who receive canine-assisted treatments

Improvement in ED symptoms in relation to a tendency to be thin or dissatisfied with the body, compared to the control group. An improvement was also shown in the body composition and weight of the intervention group, with BMI increasing by 4% between the time before and after the total sessions, and the improvement was … Read more

The Society / Animals and Society chair organizes the first symposium on suicide prevention

The event will be held in person on June 10 at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Universidade Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, with the aim of educating about this problem and providing the tools to combat it. Speakers such as Andoni Anseán, President of the Spanish Foundation for Suicide Prevention, will speak on … Read more

Company / Carlos Escape, Director of Meta: “Real estate has unlimited opportunities in the metaverse”

This Spaniard, an expert in artificial intelligence, participated in Arum Talks to discuss the challenges of the real estate sector in the new 3D virtual world. Metaverse, or virtual reality in 3 dimensions, will certainly change the future of business, including real estate. This new generation of artificial intelligence has been around since 1992, but … Read more

Patriotism/Child Abuse Affects the Future

April 25 – International Day Against Child Abuse According to experts, being a victim of childhood violence increases the risk of becoming a perpetrator of violence in the future, but it does not definitively define this Up to 61% of 12-17 year olds experience online violence each year Neglecting the needs of a minor, sexually … Read more

The Ecclesiastical Court declared the invalidity of 52 marriages in 2021

The court shall provide a personal sworn translator to translate the statements of the spouses or foreign witnesses. The Ecclesiastical Court of the Archdiocese of Cartagena presents the data on the dissolution of marriages that refer to the last year, 2021, in which 57 judgments of annulment of marriage were implemented, of which 52 were … Read more