This is Quasar, technology author of the Euroleague metaverse

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Randy Zuckerberg passed through Buenos Aires, talked about metaverses and more

The businesswoman and technologist highlighted the importance of learning about the Web 3 or the metaverse and how the virtual can interact with reality. Entrepreneur and Technology Specialist Randy Zuckerberg Highlight the importance of learning and knowing what’s going on and what’s happening in Location 3 also metaversewhere one can virtualize one’s self to interact … Read more

What is Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Metaverse

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See you in the metaverse but, “for” what?

Everyone has been talking nonstop about metaverses lately. We love these “words”. But, to put it in perspective, and while this metaverse thing jumped into the public arena with the Facebook name change a few months ago, the phrase was coined in 1996 in the book SnowCrash by Neal Stephenson, where the science fiction author … Read more

Metaverse and the future of brands

The world of ‘phygital’ opens thousands of doors for brands to interact to offer new products and services depending on who the consumer wants to be There are many claims, rumors, and myths about the new virtual worlds. Although some experiments are already starting to emerge around the concept metaverse, The truth is that everything … Read more

They make a jacket that makes the Metaverse look more “real”

The fitted jacket features straps that stick to the skin, with sensors that sync with a mobile app. Photo: Patrick T. Fallon One of the innovations that gave the metaverse a more realistic edge in the game was the vest, which is equipped with sensors that allow wearers to feel hugs or even bumps in … Read more

Architecting Virtual Environments: Designing Metaverse

Architecting Virtual Environments: Designing Metaverse Zaha Hadid Architects’ virtual exhibition NFTism. Photo © JOURNEE Share Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest The WhatsApp email also clipboard “copy” copy In recent years, the metaverse has gained prominence, leading architects to consider its effects on our relationship to the physical environment and how architecture can contribute to this … Read more

The Johnson & Johnson Innovation Room in Mexico that trains doctors

Doctor in training enters Mexico Chamber of Innovation from Johnson & Johnson And choose training in Virtual reality simulator. He closes his eyes, puts on the Oculus Quest 2 headset, and grabs the controllers. In the blink of an eye, you are already inside the operating room, select the level of difficulty and the procedure … Read more

opinion | Metaverse: Live in a video game. By Jose Manuel Muñoz of Adequa Corporation

Valencia. It is a term that everyone talks about, but perhaps not many know, and which has raised huge expectations due to the perception of its imminent spread. Second Life was born almost 20 years ago. It was a video game that allows you to “live” a life in a digital environment through a virtual … Read more