Viral Video Shows Sharks Swimming In Flooded Streets Of Fort Myers Amid Hurricane Ian

[ad_1] The video has amassed 10.2 million views, 18,200 likes and several comments. Hurricane Ian, one of the most powerful storms recorded in the US, lashed the Florida coast on Wednesday. Dramatic television footage from the coastal city of Naples showed floodwaters surging into beachfront homes, submerging roads and sweeping away vehicles. Now, a video … Read more

Mantis Tries To Cheer Up A Dog, Internet Says “Coolest Insect Ever”

[ad_1] Image shows the mantis cheering up a dog. People appreciate animals because of their charming antics. Like humans, they also express their concerns and care for others in their own unique ways. Humans have friends who can comfort them when they are distressed. Have you ever witnessed an insect making an effort for an … Read more

Viral Tik Tok | The teacher wears pink in the classroom to give a lesson and the reaction of the students has become a trend of social experiment | social networks | Video | Spain | nnda nnrt | Widely

A teacher from Madrid, Spain, wears pink in class to see students’ reaction and teach them a lesson. through your account tik tokThe results of his experiment, which quickly spread on social networks. ‘Most popular subject’ quit his 8-year job to get a new job, but was not hired: ‘I learned my lesson’ Teaching respect … Read more