Anger or a fit of anger? Alfredo Casero-like outbreak of Will Smith Syndrome

There are certain differences and dimensions between what happened Will Smith and Chris Rock In handing over the Oscars and the last cycle of violence between the subject Alfredo Casero and journalist Luis Magul during a television programme. The first was physical and downright: the comedian slapped the comedian in the middle of the Oscars, … Read more

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: The Beginnings of a Troubled Relationship – People – Culture

In this month of April 2022, the judicial proceedings brought by the American representative began Johnny Depp vs his ex-wife Amber Heard After publishing an opinion column in The Washington Post. The turbulent trial every day revealed more intimate relationships between the couple, with verbal abuse and alleged physical abuse on both sides. While revealing … Read more

Mass shootings in the United States and its direct relationship to the abundance of weapons | USA | United States | USA | United States | nnda-nnlt | the answers

On the morning of April 12, the New York subway becomes the new place of the new subway shooting in the United StatesWhich left dozens injured and puts – once again in the spotlight – the United States as the country with the largest number of weapons and attacks of this type. more information: Mexicans … Read more

hidden war

We were shocked by the war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine. The media and social networks have been inundated because of their atrocities and because we haven’t seen wars of this scale in several decades. The media has taken advantage of the tragic and unfortunate of what is happening, to remind us that … Read more

The Academy vetoes Will Smith for ten years after his attack on Chris Rock at the Academy Awards

First Amendment: 09/04/2022 – 02:04 The Academy announced, Friday, that Will Smith will be barred from all events related to the institution, including the Academy Awards ceremony. It comes after award-winning comedian Chris Rock slapped in the latest version of a joke about the hair of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who suffers from alopecia. … Read more