VOX and PP only compete according to biological sex

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This is the “Save Women’s Sport” movement against Leah Thomas and transgender athletes

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Transgender athlete causes controversy in American swimming

First Amendment: 12/28/2021 – 22:46 Leah Thomas competed in the men’s division until two years ago, then self-excluded for over a year to undergo hormone-suppressing treatments. Her debut as a woman was accompanied by college records and the best mark of the year at 200 free yards and brought with it the resignation of an … Read more

McLaughlin and Fallon Fox, mixed martial arts fighters who accused of hitting even harder

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Boris Johnson opposes ‘biological men’ competing in women’s sport | News | Dr..

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday (06/07/2022) that born males should not compete in women’s sporting events, after a transgender person was excluded from the female race. The debate in Britain over the rights of transgender people has grown increasingly high, with other members of Johnson’s government saying it should be left to … Read more