The key is in the active observance of animal protection › Cuba › Granma

Although the adoption of Decree-Law No. 31 on Animal Welfare 13 months ago responded to the improvement of the animal health system in the country, as well as a popular demand, the reality underscores the need for more active monitoring of legal entities. To somehow protect animals, and of course society in general. Within this … Read more

Manipulating ingredients: an open letter to Santiago Abascal

Written by Lydia Falcone Canary Islands – weekly I address V., although I do not know him personally, because I saw a judicial intervention you in spanish parliament, to treat deputies of Podemos, His statements seemed biased and ignorant to me Feminist history In our country, however proud he is of knowing the events that … Read more

A rare disease kills his wife, leaves his children in danger, and warns his grandchildren: “We are looking for a cure.”

A family was torn apart by a rare genetic condition She killed the mother, and left some of her children in danger and fear for their grandchildren. The desperate search to find a cure is one of the drivers moving forward. Life changed forever Jonathan WilliamsonHe is 70 years old and from the United Kingdom … Read more