Andre Agassi, the legend who hated tennis – the sport’s greats

Andre Agassi Tennis gave color, freshness and joy. For him, the traditional white sport has become a rainbow. Racket in hand, he was a real revolutionary. became a kind of rock star In sports, even then solemn and official. although Few are aware of the feelings that drowned him inside. His sin was to suffer, … Read more

This is how the next sports star is built

“We won’t go crazy. Little by little and quietly. Like we’ve always done we know his potential and we know that this way he’s going to go far,” he asserts. Albert MolinaThe Director Carlos Alcaraz since he was 13 years old. at his hands Take control of the “Boom” Carlitos Alcaraz Which exploded with victories … Read more

Cali Tennis Club, One Hundred Years of Its Legacy in Colombian Sports

The transformation of Cali in the past 100 years has seen an evolution in all aspects that has transformed the capital of Valle del Cauca into one of Colombia’s principal cities and the gateway from the Pacific coast to the interior of the country. The early years of the 20th century passed when the Sky … Read more

Wimbledon: An open war between Russia and the United Kingdom

Daniil Medvedev comes from winning the US Open and second place at the Australian Open. In March he lost first place on the ATP ladder. / ap Photo: John Mincello Olympia in the year 776 a. AD, it hosted the first Olympic Games in human history. Athletes from all over Greece gathered to compete in … Read more

The death of Manolo Santana, the great pioneer in tennis and Spanish sports

Manolo Santanathe great pioneer spanish sports No. 1 in the world Tennis in 1965 and Wimbledon champion 1966, died in 83 years old or old Parkinson’s disease has taken him away. The malaise, after finishing eating, was fatal. In his legacy remains the building it is today Tennis is practically Spanish sports. Before Santana, sport, … Read more