A Simple Technique to Feel More Love for Your Partner

Source: Prettysleepy/Pixabay In marriage, romantic love tends to decline over time, as couples begin to have regrets or make more upward comparisons. So, might there be simple ways of increasing feelings of love, to save a marriage that is falling apart due to declining passion? Yes, according to a recent study by Langeslag and Surti, … Read more

How do you protect children when they meet people online?

Most social media platforms and online games allow anyone to access somewhat anonymously the large online communities that attract stalkers, trolls, and sexual harassment. In this sense, to advise and protect minors, one must first recognize the risks and learn more about these groups, their motives and their methods. ESET from the Digipadres initiative, which … Read more

This is Quasar, technology author of the Euroleague metaverse

Related news It all started with a job application directed to a video game company. He said in the letter:I don’t know much about the games But I write without misspellings.” He began to make contact, but a crisis in the company left his bones on the street. This was followed by another intense work … Read more

Randy Zuckerberg passed through Buenos Aires, talked about metaverses and more

The businesswoman and technologist highlighted the importance of learning about the Web 3 or the metaverse and how the virtual can interact with reality. Entrepreneur and Technology Specialist Randy Zuckerberg Highlight the importance of learning and knowing what’s going on and what’s happening in Location 3 also metaversewhere one can virtualize one’s self to interact … Read more

From supporting businesses to promoting the metaverse and NFT

Related news “The metaverse exploded in the last year and it happened thanks to the maturity of a technology like blockchain and supported, no doubt, by the epidemic, which has already used many technologies,” he says. Quirz Salomo, CEO of CBCat, the Blockchain Center in Catalonia. This initiative was promoted at the end of September … Read more

This is the panorama of the trade relationship between Colombia and Venezuela

For years, the trade relationship between Colombia and Venezuela was not only smooth, but also closely related to both countries. In fact, the neighboring country was the main partner in terms of sales. In 2008, 37% of exports to Venezuela were from Bogota, being the main buyer, according to the capital’s Economic Development Secretariat. In … Read more

What is Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Metaverse

With the advent of the metaverse, many questions arise about the technologies behind virtual worlds and how to “enter them”. It seems that the future is off the screens. With the arrival of metaverseyou see on the horizon a Changing the era that proposes immersive worlds for all industries. But getting to that point is … Read more

Metaverse, here we come! The new bet of schools and universities – AmericaEconomía

Imagine wearing VR glasses, choosing your avatar – a graphic representation of yourself – and entering a space with classrooms, libraries, etc., where you can also see avatars of your teacher and classmates. Everyone lives the same immersive educational experience through virtual reality. With the excitement and surprise caused by Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in October … Read more

Metaverse begins its journey as a source of income for businesses

It would be strange, at this point, that at a conference dedicated to the audiovisual sector there was no talk of metaverses. However, it is rare to talk about it in such pragmatic terms. We are in the ‘hype’ [una motivación algo exagerada]but nothing happens, because it happened with all technologies, says the tech expert … Read more