The 6 Best Online Sex Therapy Services To Try In 2022

At its most distilled, sex therapy is a form of talk therapy. What sets sex therapy apart from other forms of talk is that during sex therapy people talk specifically about the ways that their sex, sexuality, gender, sexual trauma, sexual behaviors, and kinks are informed by and can affect their romantic, sexual, familial, and … Read more

Inside ‘real-life Love Island’ where cheeky singletons rock up in ‘sex wagons’ – but it’s not exactly where you’d expect

IN the tiny town of Lisdoonvarna in rural west Ireland, a scene of Sodom and Gomorrah meets Love Island is unfolding. At 11pm, on the street outside The Ritz hotel, as Whitney Houston’s voice belts out, throngs of couples are dancing to the beat. 11 Visitors get close in the tiny town of Lisdoonvarna in … Read more

Family ties change with age and sex and deter

image: In spotted hyena societies, females have fewer family ties and males more family ties as they age. Such changes in kinship profoundly influence how much an animal helps other group members over the course of its life. view more Credit: Oliver Höner/Leibniz-IZW The motivation to help conspecifics differs from species to species – and … Read more

Why My Boyfriend Getting Another Woman Pregnant Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Us

“We’re trying to get pregnant.” I had been dating my boyfriend Rob for about a week when he made this announcement. “Okay,” I said as we walked down a street in his neighborhood. While pregnancy announcements (or trying to get pregnant announcements) are almost always a surprise unless you’re the people in the relationship getting … Read more

Asking for a friend: I’ve never enjoyed receiving oral sex, but my new boyfriend is very keen for us to try it. What should I do?

I’ve had a couple of boyfriends, and usually most of our relationships have gone fine, and intimacy has been good. However, I’ve never really enjoyed oral sex. My new partner says he is keen to try it out with me, but I just feel really uncomfortable. It was never really a priority before, and my … Read more

How I Do It: ‘I’m in a long-distance relationship – here’s how we make sex work’

‘I get antsy after a just couple hours of no communication’ (Image: Getty/Myles Goode) For this week’s How I Do It, the series in which a stranger gives us a sneak peek into seven days of their sex life, we hear from Tanya*, who’s in a relationship with a man who lives two and a … Read more

Relationship coach Tara Blair Ball reveals one thing that leads to better sex

A relationship coach splits the chores with her husband using a color-coded spreadsheet — and says dividing the housework has made their sex life better. Tara Blair Ball, 38, decided to sit down and create a spreadsheet with her husband, Brian, 46, a marketing development manager, to assign tasks to each other after the birth … Read more

54 Year Old Virgin Won’t Have Sex Before Marriage, Nor Give Up on Love

Glory Peddie is 54 and still a virgin. She said that she knows she will still meet Mr. Right. She said she won’t have sex until she gets married. This is Peddie’s story, as told to Jane Ridley LoadingSomething is loading. This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Glory Peddie. It has been … Read more