Report: Brett Favre’s Charitable Foundation Funneled Funds to USM Athletics

[ad_1] A few weeks ago, text messages from Brett Favre were released detailing that he received state welfare funding from former Mississippi governor Phil Bryant to build a new indoor volleyball practice facility at the University of Southern Mississippi, his alma mater and where his daughter plays. A new report released by The Athletic on … Read more

Tiny Animal Hairs Could Act as Sensitive Compass Needles

[ad_1] Summary: Around 100 of specific hair cells in the inner ear, called stereocilia could act as effective biological compass needles, allowing animals to accurately sense magnetic fields around them. Source: Springer The exact mechanisms animals use to sense the direction of Earth’s magnetic field have long remained a mystery. One leading theory suggests that … Read more

Science says octopuses have emotions, so should we eat them? | Science and Ecology | Dr..

Octavia, an octopus at Boston’s New England Aquarium, was old and dying. She was moved from her display tank to a quieter, darker location resembling an octopus’ den. This is where animals go in the wild as they near the end of their lives. Her friend, Cy Montgomery, wanted to say goodbye. Montgomery with an … Read more