Is a sustainable metaverse possible?

The climate emergency has placed sustainability in the hierarchy of business strategy priorities. Companies, especially tech giants, are beginning to realize that it’s not just about making the business profitable, but about getting that benefit in the way that has the least impact on the planet. These sustainable business models contribute to innovation and increased … Read more

Article: “European Commission’s public condemnation of the US blockade of Cuba is an important step towards its end”: Rossio Raya

Cubainformacion – Video: Pau Romero. – We called Valencia. We speak with Rossio Raya, president of the Valencia Friendship Association with Cuba Jose Marti. This entity, with the support of 100 people and European solidarity entities, sent a petition to the European Commission nearly two years ago regarding Cuba and the embargo it is suffering … Read more

Manipulating ingredients: an open letter to Santiago Abascal

Written by Lydia Falcone Canary Islands – weekly I address V., although I do not know him personally, because I saw a judicial intervention you in spanish parliament, to treat deputies of Podemos, His statements seemed biased and ignorant to me Feminist history In our country, however proud he is of knowing the events that … Read more