Lawmakers, Advocates Celebrate 50 Years of the Marine Mammal Protection Act

[ad_1] Washington, DC—Today, a coalition of more than 20 animal and environmental protection organizations gathered alongside scientists, agency officials, and legislators to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the US Marine Mammal Protection Act. The MMPA is the first federal law to establish protections for marine mammals, which has enabled many vulnerable populations to recover from … Read more

MSC Reroutes Ships Passing Sri Lanka to Protect Blue Whales

[ad_1] MSC is proactively rerouting its ships around Sri Lanka to protect blue whales (file photo) Published Sep 9, 2022 3:57 PM by The Maritime Executive The commercial shipping industry is increasingly taking action to protect endangered whale populations following revelations that some of the busiest ports and channels in the world’s oceans overlap with … Read more

Safety day at work

AndThe World Day for Safety and Health at Work, celebrated annually on April 28, promotes the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases around the world. It is an awareness campaign designed to focus international attention on the scale of the problem and how creating and promoting a culture of safety and health can help … Read more

Post-COVID leave? Tips for a safe rest

Have you ever thought How to protect yourself from COVID-19 On these holidays? What are the measures to be taken? touristic places? you know what do you do for Travel safely on the road? The Dr. Rinaldo Lara, Infection scientist TecSalud, and Antonio PelorinDirector of Security Risk Management at Tec de Monterrey, Share Security tips … Read more