The popular travel portal launches an initiative in favor of pets and wild animals

A new coalition born of shared interests in favor of pets and wild animals hopes to harness the momentum of social media to bring support and new possibilities to the animal sanctuary and conservation center. Habitat is a collaboration of three widely recognized entities all together: the Mochileando Travel Blog, San Francisco de Asís Animal … Read more

Rescue Abandoned Animals: Keys to Doing It Right – Pets – Life

The statistics of pets being abandoned or found on the streets, unfortunately, is increasing day by day across the country. (You may be interested in: How to teach your puppy to pee in one place.) Animal protection and animal welfare organizations from different regions each report alarming numbers, and in many circumstances, they can’t handle … Read more

Animals are also fleeing the war in Ukraine | Germany today | Dr..

Luna probably can’t forget two weeks of her trip either. Sudden departure from Kharkov, surrounded by fierce fighting, journey in a crowded train, in the arms of Adana, arrival in Cologne, after stops in Poland and Hanover. Now, Luna, the only six-month-old Jack Russell Terrier, is hopping from side to side in a house in … Read more

Medellin: Reiki for Pets, the new commitment to animal welfare – Medellin – Colombia

Animals are by nature the conduits of energy for humans and carry the emotions and impediments transmitted by their guides (pet companions). In fact, many pets In some cases, they suffer from the same diseases as their ownersAnd gastritis, eye problems and others. That’s according to Katerinne Quiroz Osorio, an animal husbandry expert from the … Read more