Lydia Paredes | They denounced Pedro Castillo’s wife for refusing to testify before the prosecution | First Lady | Money Laundering Prosecution Office | Policy

Amidst a heavy police and state security presence, First Lady Lilia Paredes went on Friday to the headquarters of the Public Prosecutor’s Office specialized in money laundering crimes. Hours later, President Pedro Castillo’s wife was denounced for the crime of refusing to cooperate with the Department of Justice during the proceedings. Paredes, Luz Tacuire, the … Read more

Peter’s castle | Cesar Vallejo University Committee sponsors the thesis of the president and his wife | Cesar Acuna | UCV | Policy

Committee appointed by University of Cesar Vallejo (UCV) To review the president’s master’s thesis Peter’s Castle He and his wife, Lilia Paredes, found the content to have a similarity of 43%. Although, he also concluded that The work “preserves contributions of originality” No explicit answer was given as to whether or not there was plagiarism. … Read more

New Pointers: Keys to Understanding the Alleged Plagiarism of Pedro Castillo and his wife Lilia Paredes

alleged case Plagiarism by the President of the Republic, Peter’s Castleand first lady, Lilia ParedesIn his master’s thesis, he appears to be adding new indications with yesterday’s press reveal. According to Sunday panoramathe de facto collaborator Carlem Lopez confirmed to the Attorney General’s Office that the “processing” of the president’s title was the responsibility of … Read more