Observatory for Equality between Politics and Sports

Related news Spain, as a country, continues to work on a struggle that has been going on for many decades. It is about equality in society at all levels. The most frequent point is always the differences between the sexes, men and women, but there are also grievances suffered by, for example, people with disabilities. … Read more

The first steps to start a signal dog relationship with hunting

donostia – First steps related to basic Hound education and obedience Explained last week by expert trainer Victor Martinez Isande in the same pages of Desveda, this week offers small but important progress to address aspects directly related to the desired goals. On this occasion, a Navarrese trainer provides the items to consider so that … Read more

Quidditch, the Harry Potter sport that makes its way in Castilla y León

Related news The most popular sport in the magical world has been installed in the real world for a few years now and more and more athletes are practicing it. Its creator in the fantasy world is JK Rowling, who after the game’s success in the Harry Potter saga took advantage of the attraction to … Read more

From avoiding falls to protecting horses and being the envy of sports

Related news There are many sports in recent years that have incorporated various advanced technological systems to improve performance, prevent injuries or predict the kind of things that could happen in the future when situations similar to those in the present occur. This is how concepts such as artificial intelligence or virtual reality have been … Read more

‘Contraception cannot be the answer’

Related news Spain About to experience a revolution in the shape Abortion Law. This includes the controversial loss due to a painful three-day period which will also be a before and after sign in the job market. A position that will affect very little in high-ranking athletes. Professionals live with this period, whether with discomfort … Read more

Some Olympics with 49 years in girls’ and teenage sports

Related news Gymnastics has always been characterized as a sport whose professionals, especially in the female sector, tend to shine and reach the top at a very young age. Traditionally, when great heroes reach the elite they do so while they are still children. Like many teenagers who have dedicated themselves to making their dream … Read more

The sport of Toledo shines to reward the highlight of the year

President of the Toledo Provincial Council, Alvaro Gutierrez, She concluded the 28th Toledo County Athletic Ceremony, which was held on Friday, stressing that “sports are companionship, it is solidarity, it is the desire to improve, it is healthy competitiveness, and from the county council we are working to strengthen and defend it in the county.” … Read more

United States debut in the category of sex in sports

Related news If the controversy over transgender athletes competing in competitions in the gender they correspond to after transitioning has created controversy, another begins to emerge outside the pool. United State For several months, a new category has opened up within the half-marathon classifications and marathon distance tests: non-binary. Last week, while testing in BrooklynAnd … Read more

Sajjad Jangzadeh, a karate fighter who wants to fight in sport to achieve peace between Iran and Israel.

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Invasion support and anti-doping protection

Related news Two months after the Russian invasion in UkraineThe world of sport continues to play a very important role in the conflict. If there are a large number of professionals on the Ukrainian side who have armed themselves to defend their country, with some controversial issues for not showing the same commitment, Russia You … Read more