UN Commission against Corruption makes allegations to the Penal Code Reform Project in animal abuse matters

Pamplona – Continuing the road map implemented by the animal sector against hunting and poachers, among which the initial draft law for the protection, rights and welfare of animals, with much less publicity in the media The Cabinet approved the draft basic law to amend the criminal law on animal abuse, which aims to amend … Read more

Couples Relationships: Is Rejection Positive?

Arguing is an inevitable part of human relationships. There are always contradictions in them, due to different tastes, viewpoints, or debatable decisions when it does not satisfy both parties. And in marital relations, where the most intense—perhaps the most problematic of all—cohabitation is developed, disagreements often arise because one of the members rejects the proposal, … Read more

The Hunting Federation of Navarre comes to the aid of the bases of the parties that ask it to defend the fishing

The indignation between Rural world and urban society Even the leadership of political formations, which often turn their backs on the problems plaguing those places, continues to grow. So much so that my advisor Navarre city councils Located in these areas rural I asked Navarra Hunting Federation (FNC) To make the regional leaders of their … Read more

The PSOE undertakes to exclude animals used for hunting from the Animal Welfare Act

In a meeting between the executive branch PSOE and members Royal Spanish Hunting Federation (RFEC) and the National Hunting Office (ONC), the party leading the government of Spain promised at the end of last month to exclude help hunting animalssuch as dogs or rodents, from the initial draft Animal Protection, Rights and Welfare Law. This … Read more

Navarese handball quarry meets in Murcia

Thea Big popular handball party he is here. After two years of braces, due to the pandemic, the Spanish Regional Team Championship (chopped off) one more time. This time it will be in the area MurciaIn the Mar Menor region that hosts From this Saturday until the 14th of April Tournament that collects more than … Read more