Broncos’ wife, Adalina Davalos, takes the case of Jaime Rodriguez to the National Human Rights Council and refers Governor Samuel Garcia

“Jaime is like a game for a governor”: Adalina Davalos, Bronco’s wife to Erica Ostos May 12, 2022 at 7:39 pm On March 15, the lives of Adalina Davalos and her children changed after the arrest of former Governor Jaime Heliodoro “IN”. As a family, they continue to be in the spotlight but from an … Read more

Depanhe Escobar | ‘Out of nowhere appears in the hotel’: Instagram of the young woman who wondered if a body had been found at the Nueva Castilla Hotel in Nuevo Leon, Mexico | Narration | EC Stories | Globalism

This Friday, on the girl’s Instagram account Depanhi Escobar Letters related to his disappearance and search were published by the authorities. This is after a dead body was found in a tank Motel Nueva Castillain Nuevo Leon Mexicovery close to where the 18-year-old woman was last seen on April 9. Look: ‘My daughter died, I’m … Read more