Stomping on invasive lanternflies isn’t a management strategy

Several states in the eastern US encourage residents to stomp on spotted lanternflies that threaten grapevines and other crops. But smooshing isn’t a long-term solution Life 15 September 2022 By Corryn Wetzel Several campaigns on the east coast of the US encourage people to squash the invasive spotted lanternfly on sight Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto/Shutterstock There is … Read more

Nathaniel Hackett’s game management in Broncos loss stuns Peyton Manning

The last seconds of the “Monday Night Football” season opener between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks were nerve-racking to watch. And that doesn’t begin to describe how the Hall of Fame quarterback who led the Broncos to their most recent Super Bowl win felt about it. Peyton Manning’s reaction was on full display live … Read more

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Caldwell wild horse adoption

34 horses were up for adoption at Zimmerman Horse Training in Caldwell. As of Saturday afternoon, 19 of the mustangs had been adopted. BOISE, Idaho — Wild horses are up for adoption this weekend at Zimmerman Horse Training in Caldwell. The event is part of the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse & Burro Program. … Read more

Randy Zuckerberg passed through Buenos Aires, talked about metaverses and more

The businesswoman and technologist highlighted the importance of learning about the Web 3 or the metaverse and how the virtual can interact with reality. Entrepreneur and Technology Specialist Randy Zuckerberg Highlight the importance of learning and knowing what’s going on and what’s happening in Location 3 also metaversewhere one can virtualize one’s self to interact … Read more

Let’s See: Ten Examples of Creativity Applied to Metaverse

yellowverse, From MullenLowe Delta for Discover CardIn the framework of the yellow night of FC Barcelona, ​​​​Mollen Lowe Delta and Discover Card were surprised to present yellowverse. With only fifteen thousand spectators able to attend the meeting, Barcelona’s Metaverse was created, a virtual space that allowed Quito fans to be part of their team’s show … Read more

Silvia Rivora: “Environmental management makes the world view”

The pandemic and recent environmental disasters have demonstrated the fragility of humanity’s relationship with its environment. All alarms have sounded, but what can we do in the face of an economic and social model that is causing an excessive increase in greenhouse gases (GHG), with Planetary climate change With unpredictable consequences. “Building an environmentally sustainable … Read more

What is Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Metaverse

With the advent of the metaverse, many questions arise about the technologies behind virtual worlds and how to “enter them”. It seems that the future is off the screens. With the arrival of metaverseyou see on the horizon a Changing the era that proposes immersive worlds for all industries. But getting to that point is … Read more

Trichinosis: Guidelines for Prevention of Disease Affecting People’s Health

Buenos Aires – Trichinosis is an endemic parasitic disease. that it Caused by the larvae of the nematode worms of the genus Trichinella, which infect humans, domestic and terrestrial mammals, birds and reptiles. It Zoonotic diseases transmitted by mistake, through eating meat or its derivatives, raw or undercooked.containing these larvae in the muscle. In Argentina, … Read more

Coordination of cultural heritage and its relationship to the personality of Eva Peron

Former President of the Nation, Dr. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner during a speech at the Bicentennial Museum (in the background, the most emblematic work of Numa Ireneas) Restoration of the portrait of Numa Eirich In the early days of September 2010, “Portrait of General Juan Domingo Perón and his wife Maria Eva Duarte de Perón” … Read more

Training Course on “Animal Welfare and Safety in the Bird Chain” in Entre Rios

between rivers – The Vice President of the National Food Hygiene and Quality Service (SINASA), Rodolfo Acerbi It led, by more than 100 people, to the opening The first day of virtual face-to-face training on animal care and safety and its regulatory framework applicable to poultry production establishments Held in Kowloon City, County between rivers. … Read more