‘I’m too infatuated with my new girlfriend to use basic social skills’ – The Irish Times

Dear Roe, I’m a 24-year-old man. I’m too infatuated with my new girlfriend to use basic social skills, and I fear this will negatively affect our relationship in the long term. I care for her deeply and passionately. Unfortunately this passion often prevents me from acting rationally, and this causes me to be immature, excited … Read more

Meet the animal architects BBC Science Focus Magazine

Living bridges © Vaishakh Manohar/Shutterstock Army ants in huge raiding columns will deploy their own bodies to form living bridges so fellow workers can cross gaps quickly. A bridge consists of up to 50 ants and a colony may have 40 or 50 bridges in use at any time. Myrmecologists (people who study ants) at … Read more

I’m sleeping with a man who has a girlfriend. I feel guilty but can’t walk away – The Irish Times

Dear Roe, I’m in a friends-with-benefits relationship with someone’s boyfriend. I knew he had a girlfriend before we got into this relationship. I was a virgin then and he took my virginity. I’ve developed feelings for him, although he has stated clearly through words and actions that he will never fall in love with me. … Read more

I’ve been with my partner exclusively for 18 years, but he’s been in an open relationship – The Irish Times

Dear Roe, I met my partner 18 years ago. On paper he is the perfect guy (charming, witty, smart, good cook); unfortunately it turns out he’s in some sort of open relationship, while I’m not. We clearly should have discussed the kind of relationship we wanted when we started dating, but maybe by shyness, we … Read more

Analysis of the importance of Law No. 30407 for the implementation of public policies that allow raising animal awareness | Law

1 Introduction Animals inspire feelings of tenderness and affection, they accompany us and generate a bond of association with humans, giving us the ability to develop an unconditional love and protection relationship towards them, and we can be sure that they add feelings of peace to our lives. life and happiness. Unfortunately, not all people … Read more

Worms and frogs, the key to clarifying the causes of some neurodevelopmental syndromes?

The study, conducted in research models with worms and frogs, could be crucial to understanding the cause of some cases of autism and syndromes such as CHARGE, which affects about 1 in 10,000 people. The study was conducted by scientists from the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) and the University of Buenos … Read more

Article: “European Commission’s public condemnation of the US blockade of Cuba is an important step towards its end”: Rossio Raya

Cubainformacion – Video: Pau Romero. – We called Valencia. We speak with Rossio Raya, president of the Valencia Friendship Association with Cuba Jose Marti. This entity, with the support of 100 people and European solidarity entities, sent a petition to the European Commission nearly two years ago regarding Cuba and the embargo it is suffering … Read more

The incidence of sudden death associated with sports

Sports-related sudden death is very rare and difficult to predict. A population study based on autopsy has shed some light on this question. This study, conducted by a team including experts from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), was based on 288 autopsies performed in 25 provinces in Spain between 2010 and 2017. The … Read more

A strange dinosaur, judging by its tracks

Detailed analysis of the footprints left by the dinosaur revealed an unusual trait with which this person was born. A team led by researchers from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) in Spain analyzed the footprints of a carnivorous dinosaur with toes equipped with sharp nails. The relic was found at the lower Cretaceous site … Read more