9 more ways to show your friends you love them, recommended by NPR listeners : NPR

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12 Signs He Doesn’t Love You, He Just Loves Fixing You

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How to Get Over Someone You Love

[ad_1] No two breakups are created equal. On a scale of one to teaming up with a bestie to launch each other’s revenge-genda against your exes (Netflix’s Do Revengeanyone?), mourning, processing, and learning how to get over someone can be messy, disorienting, and draining. Repeat after me: Your feelings are valid, even if the way … Read more

Dear Annie: After nearly 25 years of marriage, my wife can’t stop bringing up her first love

[ad_1] Dear Annie: My wife and I started dating a quarter-century ago, and we have been married for almost 24 years. We love each other and are happy in our marriage, although I have one complaint. The problem is that she often brings up her ex-boyfriend from high school. She has done this since day … Read more

9 Signs You And Your Best Friend Have A ‘Soul Connection’ | John Cappello

[ad_1] Friendship means different things to different people and this type of relationship falls into different categories. You may have diverse types of friendships such as acquaintances, “social” friends, people you know but do not talk to, people you trust but do not know much about, and you can have friends that you feel an … Read more

The 3 Secrets To Winning The Heart Of A Good Man — And Making Him Fall In Love | James Allen Hanrahan

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9 Relationship ‘Rules’ The Happiest Couples Break On The Reg

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5 reasons why women fall out of love

[ad_1] Falling in love is a beautiful feeling and in the company of the right person, we start loving ourselves even more. But things reverse when a person falls out of love. It is painful to realize that the relationship in which we invested so much is falling apart and we begin to dislike a … Read more