My husband’s ’emotional cheating’ was worse than a one-night stand

[ad_1] Last fall, when she was six months pregnant, Rachel Gebelein, 28, could feel her husband growing distant. He’d go grocery shopping every day just to get out of the house, and he seemed eager to travel to places like Boston and Miami for near-monthly work trips. “It was like he was trying to physically … Read more

5 ways to deal with your cheating spouse, Lifestyle News

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Millennials are going into debt from dating: LendingTree

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TikTok mom Kat Clark shares strict rules for dating her daughters

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‘I spend $600 a month taking women out for dinner and drinks’: Does the man always have to pick up the check on a first date?

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Fan who caught Aaron Judge’s 62nd HR offered $2M for ball

[ad_1] The owner of a sports memorabilia auction house says he has offered $2 million to the fan who caught Aaron Judge’s American League-record 62nd home run. JP Cohen, president of Memory Lane Inc. in Tustin, California, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he has texted and emailed Cory Youmans, the man who caught … Read more

‘Tripadvisor for exes’ rates cheating men with savage reviews

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I’m leaving my boyfriend — so we went on a ‘breakup vacation’ together

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Sexologist Tamica Wilder opens up about living with boyfriend, husband and kids

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How a 22-year-old canine rehab assistant gets by on $32,000 a year

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