Endangered Mar Menor lagoon in Spain granted legal status as a person Spain

One of Europe’s largest and most endangered saltwater lagoons is facing a less fetid future after Spain’s senate voted to grant the threatened ecosystem legal status as a person. The Mar Menor, a protected area off south-east Spain separated from the Mediterranean by a 13-mile sandbar, has been polluted by poor sewage systems, fertilizers and … Read more

Animal Legal Defense Fund Grant Aids Animal Law Clinic

A grant from the Animal Legal Defense Fund will support the groundbreaking courtroom animal advocate program of the Animal Law Clinic at the UConn School of Law. The grant will create new scholarships and trainings related to courtroom animal advocate programs and expand efforts to establish similar programs in other states. It will also support … Read more

Legal Petition Urges USDA to Enforce Recordkeeping Requirement for All Animal Deaths After Missing Roadside Zoo Animals in Multiple Lawsuits Are Revealed to Be Deceased

Contact: media@aldf.org WASHINGTON — Today, the Animal Legal Defense Fund and CompassionWorks International submitted a petition for rulemaking to the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) urging the agency to issue a rule under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) that would require licensees to record all instances of animal … Read more

What Documentation May a Landlord Require from a Tenant With an Assistance Animal? | Whitman Legal Solutions, LLC

Camille Saint-Saens prohibited the performance of his comedic suite Carnival of the Animals during his lifetime. First performed 100 years ago, the suite consists of 14 movements, each of which is a musical characterization of an animal. Saint Saens’ parade through the zoo consisting of lions, hens and roosters, wild donkeys, tortoises, elephants, kangaroos, an … Read more

Randy Zuckerberg passed through Buenos Aires, talked about metaverses and more

The businesswoman and technologist highlighted the importance of learning about the Web 3 or the metaverse and how the virtual can interact with reality. Entrepreneur and Technology Specialist Randy Zuckerberg Highlight the importance of learning and knowing what’s going on and what’s happening in Location 3 also metaversewhere one can virtualize one’s self to interact … Read more

What is Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Metaverse

With the advent of the metaverse, many questions arise about the technologies behind virtual worlds and how to “enter them”. It seems that the future is off the screens. With the arrival of metaverseyou see on the horizon a Changing the era that proposes immersive worlds for all industries. But getting to that point is … Read more

Metaverse and the future of brands

The world of ‘phygital’ opens thousands of doors for brands to interact to offer new products and services depending on who the consumer wants to be There are many claims, rumors, and myths about the new virtual worlds. Although some experiments are already starting to emerge around the concept metaverse, The truth is that everything … Read more

Facebook cancels its podcast platform

The company announced the new feature in April 2021, when it also introduced Live Voice Rooms as an alternative to the social network Clubhouse voice. Meta will stop offering its podcast service On Facebook in the coming weeks, just a year after its launch, to focus its efforts on “more meaningful” experiences. The company announced … Read more

Relationship with the Pope

And knee pain crushes that audience Francisco I would give the counselor Santiago Cavero. This disease has a bad effect on Baba For weeks, but according to the official interpretation of the Vatican, this was the reason that caused the meeting to be suspended when the President of the Palacio San Martín was already in … Read more

His CryptoKicks sneakers reach the metaverse

The tube company is trying to increase its participation in new worlds of virtual reality, given the enormity of the industry. cryptoquix It is one of the most innovative and latest bets nikewhich consists of developing virtual shoes created as NFT. with arrival metaverseThe company “la pipa” was one of the first companies to offer … Read more