The first steps to start a signal dog relationship with hunting

donostia – First steps related to basic Hound education and obedience Explained last week by expert trainer Victor Martinez Isande in the same pages of Desveda, this week offers small but important progress to address aspects directly related to the desired goals. On this occasion, a Navarrese trainer provides the items to consider so that … Read more

Russia and China: Fading Power, Rising Power, and the ‘Disruption’ of the New World

AndIn a recent interview with the newspaper financial times William Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, noted that the Russian invasion of Ukraine shows that “declining powers can be as troublesome as emerging powers,” but that the North American country had no room for anyone to doubt that “ The biggest geopolitical … Read more

Russia and China: Fading Power, Rising Power, and the ‘Disruption’ of the New World

The war in Ukraine served as a catalyst for the reconfiguration of the new world order that was already taking shape in recent times. The “old” globalization is nearing its end and a new time will take its place, with different rules and balances AndIn a recent interview with the newspaper financial times William Burns, … Read more

Metaverse, a space of opportunity “must” Latin America

Experts agree that brands, particularly those in Latin America, “must be in the metaverse” and explore their commercial potential, despite the fact that it remains an area of ​​inequality and unregulated moral questioning, dominated by a group of companies. own. experts. The expression “metaverse” combines the Greek prefix “meta” -beyond- and the apocalyptic “verse” – … Read more

Global sport – the state as a guarantor of sports justice

Judicial guardianship In every democratic society, an impartial third party is required who can achieve justice in accordance with the Constitution and existing laws, thus preserving the legitimate and individual rights of the individual. For this reason, sports justice must be activated with the aim of regulating professional and Olympic organizations. We must realize that … Read more

Half a century ago – News from Jebuzcoa

TheThe 1970s, across Europe, has been described as a “very turbulent decade” on a social and political level. Also in the Spanish state: it began with Operation Burgos, when the Franco regime wanted to eliminate 16 Basque militants and ended up with unprecedented social mobilization, both throughout the Oscal Herria, as well as throughout the … Read more

Francisco Javier, The Environmental Boy

cOnly 12 years later and with complete mastery of the word, Francisco Javier Vera has become the best known environmental activist on the planet. His fortunate and timely work for children and the environment has touched thousands of hearts. This little giant, with his voice and actions, is fighting for the common home, Mother Nature, … Read more

What is forced retirement?

The author addresses one of the least known issues in current labor legislation: forced retirement. After several organizational changes, the figure has been maintained for several assumptions that need to be fully discussed that have to do with employment policies. Under no circumstance is forced retirement for job consumption permitted TheCompulsory retirement is an exception … Read more

What is forced retirement?

TheForced retirement constitutes an exception to the nature of voluntary retirement. In the face of the right to retire, the obligation to stop working is imposed. In the field of private contracting, unlike what happens to civil servants, it was not a peaceful enterprise. Indeed, in civil servant relations, forced retirement has been a classic, … Read more

Reimagined Society – Zia

Let’s go back to the utopia of looking farther, that always helps us reconsider what we’re doing hA few weeks ago in this medium we described the turbulent society in which we live and the causes of the social uncertainty that surrounds us. This feeling makes more and more people look to the future with … Read more