Russia and China: Fading Power, Rising Power, and the ‘Disruption’ of the New World

AndIn a recent interview with the newspaper financial times William Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, noted that the Russian invasion of Ukraine shows that “declining powers can be as troublesome as emerging powers,” but that the North American country had no room for anyone to doubt that “ The biggest geopolitical … Read more

Russia and China: Fading Power, Rising Power, and the ‘Disruption’ of the New World

The war in Ukraine served as a catalyst for the reconfiguration of the new world order that was already taking shape in recent times. The “old” globalization is nearing its end and a new time will take its place, with different rules and balances AndIn a recent interview with the newspaper financial times William Burns, … Read more

Weekend full of surprises in world sports

By Victor Sanchez 05/09/2022 – 5:51 pm This weekend saw many surprises on the international scene, from equestrianism to boxing and tennis. boxing See also: Carlos Alcaraz beat the Masters 1000 in Madrid by beating Zverev in two sets Saul “Canelo” Alvarez lost to Russian Dmitri Bevol, who handed the Mexican the second defeat of … Read more

Sports and solidarity united for a noble cause

09 | 05 | 22 09:15 AM From friends of the Pirovano Hospital Committee, we have already mentioned that everything raised in this competition will be dedicated to the oncology area, which has been planned for several years, and yesterday’s step was more than an important one. This dream is increasingly close to becoming a … Read more

Scientists warn that the sixth mass extinction of global biodiversity has already begun Science & Ecology | Dr..

According to the broad consensus of the scientific community, the Earth has experienced five mass extinctions of biodiversity due to extreme natural events. Now, a new study predicts a new chapter in the history of our planet’s biodiversity. But with a new ingredient: this time the human race will play a leading role. Research published … Read more

The forgotten story of a “passing president” of Mexico; It lasted 45 minutes in the office

Not until 60 minutes passed, when the presidency was Pedro Lascorin Paredes It was already out of history. The Mexican politician became president of Mexico in 1913, and Three quarters of an hour He submitted his resignation to Congress. About Shortest presidential term in history. It even registered like this in the Guinness Book of … Read more

The animals that predicted the results of the World Cup

People are not the only ones celebrating when the World Cup approaches Exhibition: The animals that predicted the results of the World Cup 48 minutes ago France Press agency you and 0 people They love more animal teachersFrance Press agency People aren’t the only ones celebrating when the World Cup comes around countdown to Qatar … Read more

Ecuador national team outside the World Cup Qatar? Al-Ittihad responds – international football – sports

Hours pass and the controversy does not stop over the alleged possible exclusion of the Ecuadorean team from the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Despite the assertion that neither FIFA nor any responsible authority has ruled on what appears to be an internal disturbance in the neighboring country with the Ecuadorean Anti-Doping Organization (UNAD), nor … Read more

One eye to the Kremlin and another to the Elysee

Presidential election result in France Sunday has caused quite a stir in most European capitals, and certainly here in Washington. This was not a choice between right, center and left. And she wasn’t basically one among the candidates, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. It was an additional choice between liberal democracy and authoritarianism, which … Read more

Eclectic teams, the key in a technological world | Opinion

Many projects are incomprehensible to most humans. Blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, Industry 4.0, tokens, wallets, metaverse… Technology is hope and prosperity, but should only 10% of the population understand it when there are global concerns? Behind the technology, there is the product that claims to meet human needs. And this is where the complexity of responding … Read more