Women4Sports, the “Sports Tinder” that seeks to match athletes, brands and even college scholarships

When Benjamin Moreno returns to Chile, after 12 years in Europe, he meets Sebastian Sanchez and Pablo Ramirez, two of his best friends from school, and seeks to solve a problem: All fathers of girls and sports fans, they didn’t know how to contribute to the world from those perspectives: “These are questions that began … Read more

The origin of the disease that afflicted Will Smith’s wife

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith arrived at the Academy Awards on Sunday, wearing a stunning emerald green dress by Jean Paul Gaultier. close to her body like leaves, full of folds and long, though clearly visible in the legs; As the poet Max Jacob said, “She was dressed as a forester.” The clothes crowned her neck … Read more

Boris Johnson opposes ‘biological men’ competing in women’s sport | News | Dr..

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday (06/07/2022) that born males should not compete in women’s sporting events, after a transgender person was excluded from the female race. The debate in Britain over the rights of transgender people has grown increasingly high, with other members of Johnson’s government saying it should be left to … Read more