The first steps to start a signal dog relationship with hunting

donostia – First steps related to basic Hound education and obedience Explained last week by expert trainer Victor Martinez Isande in the same pages of Desveda, this week offers small but important progress to address aspects directly related to the desired goals. On this occasion, a Navarrese trainer provides the items to consider so that … Read more

Canicross, the amazing sport of running with your dog – Night Shift

Canicross, the amazing sport of running with your dog – Night Shift – Cadena 3 Argentina Arrow Drop research close search Talk to Lucas Gonzalez, number one in Latin America’s ranking in this discipline 3 . series He told us all the details of the competition that was held in Villarrica, Chile. Listen and watch … Read more

“Killing dogs to avoid overpopulation is not the answer”: Animal Defender AC – El Sol de Toluca

Killing street animals does not solve the problem of overpopulation that exists in Toluca, because it generates issues of environmental pollution and lack of education among the citizens, General Manager Animal Defender AC . reassures. , Emmanuel Pedraza. The activist points out that whoever thinks that controlling the overcrowding of street animals by depriving them … Read more

Failure to comply with the rules regarding animal ownership will lead to quarrels between neighbours

The indifference of some citizens to the fulfillment of the police law regarding the control of pets It causes clashes between neighbors. The reason for the controversy is that pet feces are not collected when they are taken out into the street, and also because People’s ignorance of this obligation stipulated in the above-mentioned law. … Read more

Zoologists accuse Tehuacan city council of insensitivity to a wave of animal abuse

The lack of commitment and insensitivity on the part of the city council of Tehuacan regarding animal abuse complaints, is what activists and rescuers from this demarcation have pointed out about the performance of local authorities on the matter; And they demanded stricter penalties against those who violate an animal, as they accused that the … Read more

″Hundreds Died Suffering: How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Hurt Animals | world | Dr..

Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine over a month ago, the war has left countless human tragedies. However, human conflict has also disrupted the lives of animals in Ukraine, and other war victims. Since the start of the violence, many have died due to the bombing, while others are starving. It is that many … Read more

Fitness, the sport that strengthens the bond between humans and dogs

It can be said that teach Nikki Mance It had two main pillars: on the one hand, there is the traditional, and on the other hand, the self-made. When she came home from school, despite the fact that her friends were tuned in to Cartoon Network or other kids’ channels – like most school-aged kids … Read more