Why I Divorced The Woman I’m Still Madly In Love With

[ad_1] There are times when I look back on the not-so-distant past and wonder how the hell I ever ended up divorced. Thing is, I never actually wanted to get a divorce, and neither did Monica, my ex-wife, as far as I can tell. She did want a separation and I ultimately ended up understanding … Read more

Divorced mum finds love on Tinder with man 23 years younger than her

[ad_1] The pair met on Tinder (Picture: Alex Michael / SWNS) When 48-year-old Rachel Caudele signed up to Tinder after getting divorced, she didn’t know she’d find love with someone two decades younger than her. The mum-of-two got divorced in September 2020 and – despite ‘enjoying her freedom’ – Rachel decided to give dating apps … Read more

Ask Amy: Parents are outraged their divorced daughter is dating a married man

[ad_1] DEAR AMY: After six years of marriage to our 33-year-old daughter “Karen,” our son-in-law decided that he was in love with the woman with whom he’d been having an affair during three years of their marriage. . Last summer Karen filed for divorce and moved back home. She was devastated, and so were her … Read more

Why wandering albatrosses get divorced: New research

[ad_1] Wandering albatross pair performing a courtship dance. Credit: Samantha Patrick, Author provided Monogamy is widespread among birds and it is well known that many seabird species mate for life. Famous examples include charismatic penguins and albatrosses which are often portrayed in the media as the perfect couples. But this romantic trope doesn’t tell the … Read more

HEY BESTIE: Both our parents are divorced, does this mean our relationship is also doomed?

[ad_1] Hey Bestie, My partner and I are about to get married. We both come from divorced families and the last thing I want is to end up divorced. I love my partner and I want us to have an amazing relationship. Do you have any suggestions to make sure that we start off on … Read more

A Single Personality Trait May Determine if Male Albatrosses Get Divorced : ScienceAlert

[ad_1] Most albatrosses mate for life but shy males who avoid confrontation are more likely to get dumped, researchers said Wednesday, adding it was the first time personality had been shown to predict divorce in a wild animal. Wandering albatrosses, which traverse the Southern Hemisphere and have the largest wingspan of any bird at more … Read more

Carolyn Hax: When the recently divorced openly flirts with your spouse

[ad_1] Comment on this story Comment Dear Carolyn: What do I do if the recently divorced female rector of my church is openly flirting with my husband at a church retreat? I have described to several close friends her comments to my husband, and they agree that the comments appear to be flirtatious and are … Read more

This is the panorama of the trade relationship between Colombia and Venezuela

For years, the trade relationship between Colombia and Venezuela was not only smooth, but also closely related to both countries. In fact, the neighboring country was the main partner in terms of sales. In 2008, 37% of exports to Venezuela were from Bogota, being the main buyer, according to the capital’s Economic Development Secretariat. In … Read more

How do we turn work environments into virtual reality?

The world of virtual reality, known as metaverse With Meta’s strong commitment to this technology, it is also part of the future of work and is already transforming aspects of the world of work such as meetings, training and hiring. In the next two years, 51% of millennials and 48% of millennials expect to work … Read more

The cost of treating alopecia, a disease that affects many Hollywood personalities

Last Sunday, March 27, the 94th Academy Awards were held, and apart from award-winning actors and directors or gala screenings, what caught the eye was a slap in the face. Will Smith by American comedian Chris RockAfter a joke about baldness, the actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. This fact, in addition to generating memes and … Read more