DIA’s dog therapy team broke a Guinness World Record

[ad_1] If you’ve ever encountered a therapy animal at Denver International Airport, chances are it was an airport employee. The Canine Animal Therapy Squad (CATS) has been calming nervous flyers since Oct. 29, 2015 (National Cat Day, of all days), with 28 members from 14 breeds. “Today, the program includes 84 members and 33 breeds … Read more

Russia and China: Fading Power, Rising Power, and the ‘Disruption’ of the New World

AndIn a recent interview with the newspaper financial times William Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, noted that the Russian invasion of Ukraine shows that “declining powers can be as troublesome as emerging powers,” but that the North American country had no room for anyone to doubt that “ The biggest geopolitical … Read more

What is forced retirement?

TheForced retirement constitutes an exception to the nature of voluntary retirement. In the face of the right to retire, the obligation to stop working is imposed. In the field of private contracting, unlike what happens to civil servants, it was not a peaceful enterprise. Indeed, in civil servant relations, forced retirement has been a classic, … Read more

Reimagined Society – Zia

Let’s go back to the utopia of looking farther, that always helps us reconsider what we’re doing hA few weeks ago in this medium we described the turbulent society in which we live and the causes of the social uncertainty that surrounds us. This feeling makes more and more people look to the future with … Read more

Orisar tower house, animals and mystery

This story began in the sixteenth century and has two readings: who built the house of the Orisar tower, or the masters of that time who had feuding feuds, or a wealthy farmer? Treasure revolves around the story AndThis story has been shrouded in mystery since its inception, which dates back, according to historians, towards … Read more

After those planes in 1914

MMany smile lightly, seeing illustrations of military aircraft of 1914, at the start of the Great War. Covered with tarpaulin and wire to hold the wings together, it looks unstable and old. But soon they will present developments. Thus, the engineers were able to synchronize the machine gun with the rotation of the propeller so … Read more

Reasons for the illegality of political espionage

Spying against political dissidents is not only inconsistent with the constitutional rights to freedom of participation in public affairs and freedom of expression, both of which are fundamental rights and thus the matrix of the Spanish constitutional system, but its practice can harmonize with any unjust offender of Chapter IV of the Penal Code AndDuring … Read more

Couples Relationships: Is Rejection Positive?

Arguing is an inevitable part of human relationships. There are always contradictions in them, due to different tastes, viewpoints, or debatable decisions when it does not satisfy both parties. And in marital relations, where the most intense—perhaps the most problematic of all—cohabitation is developed, disagreements often arise because one of the members rejects the proposal, … Read more

Safety day at work

AndThe World Day for Safety and Health at Work, celebrated annually on April 28, promotes the prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases around the world. It is an awareness campaign designed to focus international attention on the scale of the problem and how creating and promoting a culture of safety and health can help … Read more

Unique Presidential Election – Zia

TheThe presidential election every five years around this time is the most important event on the French political calendar. In them, the head of the most important institution of the political system of the French Fifth Republic is directly elected by the citizens as a whole, establishing a presidential system with very special characteristics whose … Read more