Amazon’s Astro robot gets pet detection, home security updates and an SDK • TechCrunch

There’s been a standing question surrounding how seriously we should ultimately take Astro. The product was launched exactly one year ago, in limited quantities as a Day One offering for $999 a pop. My interaction with the robot was (at the time) limited to a few pre-launch demos. I came away from the experience thinking … Read more

Automatic lameness detection using smart broiler farming

To prevent financial losses and welfare problems, early and accurate lameness detection and treatment is essential. The most common method to evaluate lameness is visual scoring which is easy to do and cheap to implement but has disadvantages, such as the time and labor involved, plus it is prone to observer error due to the … Read more

Mental health: Anxiety in girls and boys: signs and keys to detecting it

Anxiety is one of the greatest evils of our time. The percentage of minors with anxiety varies widely depending on age, information sources, and the criteria assessed. But experts estimate it Between 15-20% of children They suffer from it at some point (some sources indicate a prevalence of 4-32%). It should be made clear that … Read more