Family prejudices, a jeweler’s phrase from her mother and the treatment she underwent for pregnancy

Shall we not get married? I don’t know, we never talked about it.Well, Estefania, make a date and we will get married. This was the conversation Alberto Cormelo and his current wife, Estefanía Pasquini, had been married for two months. When the news broke, everyone was surprised by the age difference since then He was … Read more

Paula Jara and Jesse Uribe: How is their relationship, how long have they been and more details – people – culture

In 2019, Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe teamed up for Como si nada, a song of Defamation that has topped the country’s popular music charts. In the video and interviews they gave together to promote the single, the chemistry between them was so evident, that it began to be rumored that they were a couple, … Read more

The Forgotten and Spanish Crooks of the Nineteenth Century Who Became America’s Queen

Related news The first official document confirming the existence of Emilia Serrano Garciaalready nearly twenty, is the passenger list of the English ship City of BoulogneWhich docked in London on May 21, 1852 from France. The second reference, dated the following year, is more fanciful: his name appears in Indictment for escape of writer Jose … Read more

Tankers are always on the front line – Juventud Rebeldi

In mid-April 1961, Cuba was shaken with emotion in the face of ecstasy for a victory unparalleled in all of Latin America. The purest feeling that emanated from the people to firmly follow the unmistakable path of revolution and socialism, which recently with the same voice proclaimed General Commander Fidel Castro Ruz and the popular … Read more

“El Viatger” faithfully recreates Barcelona in 1708 from the character of Giovanni Gemelli

Historian Albert García Espucci uses the famous traveler’s visit to detail how the people of Barcelona spoke, how they dressed, what they ate, what they believed, and how they had fun in the 18th century. small and commercial ports Regional but very connected to the world. Dynamic and not decadent at all. And imperial, not … Read more

The forgotten Queen of Aragon who faced the three great powers of the Middle Ages

Related news Peter III, King of Aragonwho is remembered as the great, son of Jaime the Conqueror, was “the most daring and daring king in the history of Spain,” according to George Molist. The historical writer and novelist considers that this king managed to open the gates of the Mediterranean to the Crown of Aragon, … Read more