The Battle of the Sexes Has Left More Couples Sexless

[ad_1] Source: Cottonbro/Pexels After writing “The Rise of Lonely, Single Men,” I received two kinds of responses. The first were threats and the second was a cry from fellow men to focus on a supposed “explosion of male virginity.” While there are limited data on long-term virgins, there is strong evidence that sexual intimacy between … Read more

9 Relationship ‘Rules’ The Happiest Couples Break On The Reg

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Why Couples Who Don’t Split The Chores Are More Likely To Break Up

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11 Signs Your Partner Has Lost Feelings | Brittney Lindstrom

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Relationship therapist reveals five things ALL couples should do to make their romance last

[ad_1] A sex and relationship therapist has revealed five things every couple should avoid to ensure their romance lasts, including never neglecting sex and avoiding tying the knot until after ‘at least a year’ of dating. Dr. Emily Jamea, a self-proclaimed ‘expert in love and libido’ from Houston, Texas, shared some advice on how couples … Read more

Emotional infidelity: The flirtation that undermines couples

[ad_1] Split or survive? In general, research shows people find sexual infidelity more troubling than emotional infidelity. But a 2015 YouGov study of 1,660 British adults showed that 44% of respondents believed that forming an emotional (rather than physical) relationship with someone who wasn’t their partner constituted cheating. Meanwhile, 15% of respondents said they had … Read more

5 Things Even The Most Honest Couples ‘Fake’ To Make Good Relationships Even Better | Mitzi Bockmann

[ad_1] I am not a big proponent of it being OK to ‘fake’ something to make a relationship work. I believe that honesty is very important in a relationship, probably even its foundation. That being said, every rule has an exception or two — and I know, from personal experience, that those exceptions can keep … Read more

How to Cuddle: 12 Best Positions for Couples, Plus Benefits

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What is it and why couples need to discuss monogamy

[ad_1] With Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine making headlines for allegedly texting multiple women behind his partner’s back, questions have been raised about what exactly constitutes emotional cheating. But relationship expert Melissa Ferrari told Today Extra this type of infidelity is very common and it is much easier to do in a world with social … Read more

These money deal breakers could sour a relationship, couples say

[ad_1] Cavan Images | Cavan | Getty Images It’s no secret that money issues can add stress to a relationship. But a new survey from The Knot, a wedding planning website, finds couples say certain moves are deal breakers in their relationships. The top unforgivable move, with 43% of respondents, is acting secretive or dishonest … Read more