Manipulating ingredients: an open letter to Santiago Abascal

Written by Lydia Falcone Canary Islands – weekly I address V., although I do not know him personally, because I saw a judicial intervention you in spanish parliament, to treat deputies of Podemos, His statements seemed biased and ignorant to me Feminist history In our country, however proud he is of knowing the events that … Read more

The investigation identified 24 species of bivalves so far without citing the island

Biologist Alberto Gonzalez is summarizing his PhD thesis in these months, Study of the Neogene bivalves of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, the job that led him to study 1,300 marine fossils, 450 of which are located in Fuerteventura. Research conducted in museums and in about thirty fossil sites on the island confirmed that Fuerteventura … Read more