Wimbledon: An open war between Russia and the United Kingdom

Daniil Medvedev comes from winning the US Open and second place at the Australian Open. In March he lost first place on the ATP ladder. / ap Photo: John Mincello Olympia in the year 776 a. AD, it hosted the first Olympic Games in human history. Athletes from all over Greece gathered to compete in … Read more

Johnson and his wife fined for holding Downing Street parties amid the pandemic

At the same time, the political opposition as a whole has called for the immediate dismissal of Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak for deceiving the electorate and Parliament. british prime minister, The face of Boris Johnson and Economy Minister Rishi Sunak This is Wednesday Calls for their resignation, after they are confirmed to have been … Read more

Boris Johnson opposes ‘biological men’ competing in women’s sport | News | Dr..

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday (06/07/2022) that born males should not compete in women’s sporting events, after a transgender person was excluded from the female race. The debate in Britain over the rights of transgender people has grown increasingly high, with other members of Johnson’s government saying it should be left to … Read more