What is open space and how does it affect human resources?

What is open space and how does it affect human resources?

Companies need their employees to communicate more effectively and for there to be better communication: this is where Open Space comes into play open space It is a space methodology that has established itself as trends in management Human capital. It seeks to create a more collaborative and participatory space, improve communication in the company, … Read more

Randy Zuckerberg passed through Buenos Aires, talked about metaverses and more

The businesswoman and technologist highlighted the importance of learning about the Web 3 or the metaverse and how the virtual can interact with reality. Entrepreneur and Technology Specialist Randy Zuckerberg Highlight the importance of learning and knowing what’s going on and what’s happening in Location 3 also metaversewhere one can virtualize one’s self to interact … Read more

The county government introduced the “Sports Goes to School” program

The same will promote extracurricular sports workshops in public schools, in the first place. The Regional Swimming Plan is the first initiative to be developed in this context. This type of plan will be replicated with other Olympic disciplines. Former Olympic swimmer Jose Mullans accompanied the presentation of the program and praised the Department of … Read more

What is Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Metaverse

With the advent of the metaverse, many questions arise about the technologies behind virtual worlds and how to “enter them”. It seems that the future is off the screens. With the arrival of metaverseyou see on the horizon a Changing the era that proposes immersive worlds for all industries. But getting to that point is … Read more

The governor opened an artificial field in the ASEBA club and announced the establishment of the obstetric school

Alberto Rodríguez Saá presided over the cutting of the ribbon for the new 11-player artificial football field and the various improvements to the building in the sports center of the entity “Auriverde”. In his message, the president announced that the state would start, from Friday, developing a school inside the club. The provincial government’s investment … Read more

Diego Maradona and Mexico’s 86 World Cup jersey: The biggest auction in sports history and why it’s the real deal | God’s Hand | goal of the century | Argentine | RMMD DTCC | | Total Sports

The Azteca Stadium took four years to build, inaugurated on May 29, 1966 in the heart of Mexico. A few seconds was enough Diego Maradona to ‘throw it’ on June 22, 1986. The Azteca was dubbed legendary after Pele and Brazil were crowned world champions in 1970, but climbed to the top of the haven … Read more

Metaverse and the future of brands

The world of ‘phygital’ opens thousands of doors for brands to interact to offer new products and services depending on who the consumer wants to be There are many claims, rumors, and myths about the new virtual worlds. Although some experiments are already starting to emerge around the concept metaverse, The truth is that everything … Read more

Facebook cancels its podcast platform

The company announced the new feature in April 2021, when it also introduced Live Voice Rooms as an alternative to the social network Clubhouse voice. Meta will stop offering its podcast service On Facebook in the coming weeks, just a year after its launch, to focus its efforts on “more meaningful” experiences. The company announced … Read more

Relationship with the Pope

And knee pain crushes that audience Francisco I would give the counselor Santiago Cavero. This disease has a bad effect on Baba For weeks, but according to the official interpretation of the Vatican, this was the reason that caused the meeting to be suspended when the President of the Palacio San Martín was already in … Read more

An animal perspective: They demand new laws and harsher penalties for mistreatment – Unidiversidad

In the face of rare regulations against animal abuse, activists and legal professionals are calling for a new law that includes education to raise awareness in the community, and protect animal rights nationally. CCC considers animals to be “things”, and ignores concepts such as “feeling” or “allergic” / Foto Télam approx 70 years since the … Read more