Why aren’t there three-legged animals?

[ad_1] MISSOULA – In science, the first question you always ask is “why?” A close second is likely ‘why not?’ For example, why aren’t there three-legged animals? You may have seen a three-legged dog or deer due to an injury, but a three-legged species does not exist today. And an animal with three legs may … Read more

Staples High hosted The Doors, Animals

[ad_1] Staples High School’s move in 1958 from Riverside Avenue to North Avenue did more than shift over 1,000 students from a very old (1884) wooden structure, and a crowded newer (1936) one to a sparkling new campus with six buildings connected by open-air. walkways (and Staples’ first-ever auditorium). It also marked the clear beginning … Read more

Bradenton Beach FL wildlife shelter saves animals after storm

[ad_1] A baby skunk was brought to Wildlife Inc after Hurricane Ian. Wildlife Inc. provided Bradenton Beach More than 150 animals affected by Hurricane Ian made their way to Wildlife Inc., an animal rescue organization on Anna Maria Island. Unfortunately, some of them didn’t make it. The group is tucked into a Bradenton Beach side … Read more

Employees and Animals Struggle as Nature Center Closes – The Albion College Pleiad Online

[ad_1] Dylan Mitchell, Detroit junior, sits on a couch in the Whitehouse Visitor Center with one of the turtles he’d let out for the day. Mitchell has been the only student working at the Visitor Center since the beginning of the Fall semester. (Photo illustration by Juan Rodriguez). As of the time of writing this, … Read more

Nearly 800 animals died in the bureaucratic spat between France and Algeria

[ad_1] Calls are growing for the total ban of livestock carriers, with the latest horror story emerging of slaughtered animals in a botched shipment from Europe to Africa. Around 780 bulls were recently shipped back to France and emergency-killed after Algerian authorities refused to unload the animals due to incorrect health certificates and associated health … Read more

Instead of pets, Maine priest blesses the animals who need it most

[ad_1] WESTBROOK, Maine — Usually, on Oct. 4, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, the Rev. Louis Phillips blesses his parishioners’ pets outside the church. But not this year. Instead of blessing dogs, cats, bunnies and birds with loving homes and caring owners, Phillips donned his vestments and … Read more

Animals we’ve lost: the vivid ‘waving’ frog that vanished suddenly | Amphibians

[ad_1] It was a remarkably elaborate mating ritual. When a male Chiriquí harlequin frog found its mate, it would climb on to the female’s back, grab its armpits with its forelimbs and hug it. Females of the species were often twice as large as the males, and they would remain in this mating clasp for … Read more

Hurricane Ian: Officials warn animals may be ‘more visible’ after the storm

[ad_1] Following the devastation from Hurricane Ian, Florida officials are warning residents to take caution because wildlife could “become more visible” during and after a storm. “Please be aware of an extra gator in your pond, snake in your shed or deer in your pasture,” the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office said in a tweet last … Read more

Suncoast Animal League accepting donations to help animals impacted by Ian

[ad_1] PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — While our neighbors down south continue to clean up the damage Hurricane Ian left behind, local animal organizations, like the Suncoast Animal League in Palm Harbor, are asking for donations to help the animals impacted. “We’ve already had so many donations, and it’s only been 24 hours,” said Rick Chaboudy. … Read more