3 Major Aquatic Animal Groups Can Trace Their Lineage to This Ancient Armored ‘Worm’ : ScienceAlert

[ad_1] A bristly armored “worm” that scuttled across ocean reefs 518 million years ago is the ancestor to three aquatic animal groups that today live very different lifestyles, and it offers new clues about the explosion of diverse species at the time, a new study finds. An international team of researchers recently discovered the fossil … Read more

Ancient fossilized fish found in China help trace the origin of jaws

[ad_1] Paleontologists unearthed fish teeth that are 14 million years older than any other teeth found from any species – and the discovery could rewrite our understanding of early evolution. Four studies published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature detailed research on a trove of fish fossils that were found in China in 2019 and … Read more

Ancient fish highlight the strangeness of our vertebrate ancestors

[ad_1] My, what small teeth they had. A newfound treasure trove of ancient fish fossils unearthed in southern China is opening a window into the earliest history of jawed vertebrates — a group that encompasses 99 percent of all living vertebrates on Earth, including humans. The fossil site, dated from 439 million to 436 million … Read more

Ancient ‘miracle plant,’ believed extinct, said rediscovered in Turkey

[ad_1] An ancient plant hailed as a panacea that was consumed by most ancient Mediterranean cultures and believed to be extinct may have been rediscovered in Turkey. Referred to as silphion, the yellow-flowered plant was described in Greek, Roman and Egyptian texts thousands of years ago and was thought to have been eaten into extinction … Read more

Farmer Digging In Orchard Stumbles Upon An Ancient Mosaic Of Animals

[ad_1] In some ways, digging down through layers of earth is a bit like traveling back in time — revealing secrets of the past which often can shape our understanding of the present. And at the center of one recent archaeological discovery is an apparent homage to animals. Last week, the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism … Read more

Burned dung spherulites suggest ancient animal husbandry

[ad_1] Babe would have never had the chance to herd sheep or go to the city if not for the invention of farming. For better or worse, throwing a noose around nature through agriculture and domestication has allowed us to produce resources reliably year-round. Tracing the line backwards through time, we must reach a point … Read more

‘Extraordinary’ pile of prehistoric puke found in Utah uncovers new ancient animal behavior

[ad_1] The fossilized vomit was discovered at a site east of Bears Ears National Monument that researchers refer to as the “Jurassic Salad Bar.” (Photo provided by Jim Kirkland) Fossilized vomit recently found by Utah paleontologists east of Bears Ears National Monument shows the remains of a tadpole and salamander from the late-Jurassic period. | … Read more

9 ancient Chinese sex positions to spice up your marriage, Lifestyle News

[ad_1] Believe it or not, you probably tried different Chinese sex positions with your spouse or partner at some point. The names of the movements may not be familiar to you but once you read them, you’ll know. Additionally, these classic-sounding Chinese sex positions are not as vanilla as you think. As you read on, … Read more

Ancient Poop Suggests Humans Tended Animals 2,000 Years Earlier Than We Thought : ScienceAlert

[ad_1] Clues within ancient animal poop challenge the current prevailing theory that humans tamed plants before beasts. Researchers found the preserved dung in question alongside buried remains of ancient hunter-gatherer dwellings in Syria that date back to around 13,000 years ago. “We were surprised when we realized that hunter-gatherers were bringing live animals to Abu … Read more

What ancient dung reveals about Epipaleolithic animal tending

[ad_1] Reconstruction of the Epipalaeolithic hut showing a person sitting on the area outside of the hut where dung had accumulated. Credit: Andrew Moore, CC-BY 4.0 (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Tiny crystals in ancient animal dung serve as key evidence in a new analysis suggesting the possibility that hunter-gatherers at Abu Hureyra, Syria, may have tended small numbers … Read more