We’re all sick, not just Will Smith

It’s been two years since people are pretty tired of just about everything. I’m not saying this just because of Will Smith’s malevolent reaction to Chris Rock’s slapped and provocative, but because of that other A somewhat bitter and angry atmosphere because we suffer from each other, including movie stars, those who shine more than the sun on the red carpet and are refurbished more than damaged tires. Nowadays, you ask any neighbor in the elevator how he is, and they send you to fry asparagus or, at best, give you a face somewhere between regret and death from a disgust that is not made even worse by a camel; As he shrugs his shoulders and sighs at you: “Resist, what do you want me to do.”

We live as if the “dynamic duo” is still anchored in our flat brain schema, we’re more frustrated than ever, and we yearn for a 2019 that won’t return, while We feel that this new infernal knot will be very difficult to peel offEspecially for Ukraine and the thousands affected by the epidemic. And so in theory now the “slavery” of masks and some other advantages have been greatly lifted, which is supposed to improve monitoring and health. But the pandemic is still “a voice” even though it has given prominence to the damned war, the rising cost of living, tankers, inflation, energy, and those fuels they swallow and swallow, which is the pleasure, while the government and Pedro Sanchez is selling us a trick of the paper: They give you a gift at a discount of 20 cents but before that they credit you an increase of 70 cents. Count the great merits of lost citizens. Ladies and gentlemen, “c’est la guerre” is more wood than war.

After all, I’d like to thank that the glitzy Oscars, which everyone usually criticizes as boring and boring, this year was just boring but except for a TV show in the house in which the staff enjoyed betting whether Will Smith was a real strong representative of patriarchy to ignore insulting his wife and slapping blacks like him. Or if, alternatively, a man who enjoys the “balls” in good standing and defends the honor (and sensitivity) of his wife, beautifully bald, by An abusive man dedicates himself to making jokes at the expense of decency The vixen of some artists who live on “show business” but only when they present the show to others.

The controversy or controversy has swept the world and provoked all kinds of moral, social, ideological and sexual judgments…in a clear warning that Hollywood is still, more than just a dream factory, The epicenter of identity neopuritanism Which leads to a reinterpretation of standards of political correctness and reliance on a culture of nullification, which also questions humor and freedom of expression. No matter what personal issues or technical biases are factored in, Will Smith’s slap in the face to Chris Rock was wrong. He had reasons for discontent, especially his affected wife Jada Pinkett. Now, to say that he is chauvinistic because he protects his wife’s anger seems to me to go away, because he saw her angry face and not the others, and it was he who knew how that attitude or anger was developing. It was all for her, Jada, to get up To slap a rock, although this was not the right thing either, given the current canons of good social and peaceful behavior, but it certainly would not be called into question. Hey tempora, o usages!

In the 19th century, Smith and Rock would challenge each other to death with a sword or pistol after the former struck his opponent’s face with a bare glove. In the middle of the twentieth century, everything could have been resolved with a multiplayer fight and the supporters of the Rock were against those who broke Smith some tables. But we are welcome in the times of the twenty-first century, the days of peace, but also without forgetting the inconvenience caused by the interference of some indigestible phenomenon, such as the Woke Generation, which has turned into Guardians of “goodness” and social conscience. New innovators don’t need to bless what has always been right or wrong. Abolitionist culture is promoted by backward, inexperienced or experienced “Adanists” who privatize common sense for the pseudo-dignity of feeling morally superior to the rest.

The context in which Chris Rock’s parody occurs at the “Oscar” may be disappointing due to her poor taste, but good manners and good sense of humor, as well as good humor, should not be lost due to the respect for human dignity, and for the will of Smith’s standing as an international star, able not to be exaggerated in that Know how to control situations that others may not control. The colder the situation, the more pathetic and inappropriate the slap in the face was Smith, who, upon receiving his award, tried to make an appeal to family and love that was so fake and seemed as real as a wooden euro.

Made Fortune Smith’s aggression Cannot be counted within the categories of race and gender. Otherwise, a person who would have corrupted the right politically if one of the “Ansar” was of a different race or of a different race; But the cake, as we said before, was to be served by the joker Jada Pinkett; Perhaps in this case, which is also reprehensible, critics would now have seen and celebrated it in another, less offensive way. Fatal error. Responsibility in the context of humor is necessary so that the talent does not end in death, or is dragged down by a hardened awakening or thoughts of cancellation, both Great enemies of individual creativity and freedom of expression.

The assailant of this global brawl showed his repentance by apologizing for the attack, although perhaps it would have been better to have done it live during the party, so we’ll have the full show and millions of viewers applaud. Now, it remains only to achieve a true Hollywood-style happy ending, for Chris Rock and Will Smith to shake hands, give them a big hug, and burst into tears as Jade Pinkett smiles at them and serves them a good hamburger on the garden barbecue. But beware! This image can be disallowed as untrue and sexist, A black woman serves food to two adult menUnforgivable scandal. Cuts!

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