Women4Sports, the “Sports Tinder” that seeks to match athletes, brands and even college scholarships

When Benjamin Moreno returns to Chile, after 12 years in Europe, he meets Sebastian Sanchez and Pablo Ramirez, two of his best friends from school, and seeks to solve a problem: All fathers of girls and sports fans, they didn’t know how to contribute to the world from those perspectives: “These are questions that began to haunt you after the age of forty, what would we have left behind?”

This is how Women4Sports was born, an innovative Chilean platform that, in addition to highlighting sports, seeks to connect them with different opportunities.: Both brands that you sponsor with money or clothing, such as actors, sports clubs, universities, and even food or special artistic staff.

At the beginning of 2021, the three partners started developing the mobile application and it took a month and a half to get investors to contribute the $500,000 they needed to start this platform. It was on December 15 of the same year when it was first shown and, Three months from that day, there are about 250 athletes with an active account and more than 80 recruits (Brands, Clubs, Universities, etc.) are looking forward to joining them.

“There are four factors that make it something unique in the world: It’s for women only, it’s free for athletes, for all sports and can be used from anywhere in the world. If you are in a remote city in an African country, you can theoretically upload a video to the app and connect with a university where you can play basketball. Sebastian Sanchez explained in an interview with RedGol: “Once I was talking to a Kenyan and a Nigerian person through the app, which is available in both Spanish and English.

Four of the main partners of Women4Sports are Christian Endler, Jenny Hermoso, Luciana Aimar and Fernando Gonzalez.whose contribution, in addition to connecting athletes with different needs, was to increase the reach and allow more women to access this application.

“We have athletes all over South America and Latin America, especially Chile, but there are more than 19 countries that have athletes. On December 15, 2021 we launched the app on the air and in just over three months it has been downloaded over 4000 times, around 250 athletes with profiles created and over 80 recruiters worldwide, examines the possibilities for athletes. Adidas is our main sponsor and DirecTV Latin America is our main media partner,” Sanchez said.

But how do they work? “It’s a platform to connect athletes in need with people who can offer opportunities and align that need. It’s something that goes from the basics to the excursions or how I pay the coach. We have athletes who are world champions or competing for world titles and sometimes they don’t have enough shoes to pay for. or supplements.

‘Today’s app It’s a kind of sport Tinder because it generates a match; An athlete appears here, recruits here, and they do the match. We’re working on it, but Tomorrow we want to be LinkedIn for women’s sports, because there’s a match, yes, but we live together in a community. There is a conversation, the ability to create connections with people who can contribute to and speed up the processes. The path is to move from Tinder, which is the stage of matchmaking between the sexes, to a community that pushes and seeks the growth of women’s sports and fast,” Sanchez added.

But there are many connections they have made, from fairly simple items to getting college scholarships. “The first one was about the little things; with Adidas, for example, we raised the need for Daniela Asengo. Now Leona is going to fight for the world title in her category in boxing. She told us she didn’t have the money to buy shoes and we called Adidas.. Knowing she’s an elite athlete, they said they’d be wearing sneakers year-round for Leona. also Anhay Díaz, World Kickboxing Champion, Who Had No Money and Now The Wild Foods Gives Her Supplements for the year,” explained the partners.

“And the thing that makes us so proud is then We have successfully formed the Chilean Hockey Players Association who entered this year to study Nursing at Andrés Bello University, and he is one of our first recruits.. We were able to create three games with UNAB and feel like we’ve made a serious difference with the future they saw with their sport, because in the end they’re going to have to choose one thing or the other. Of the three athletes, only one decided to enter the university,” Sanchez explained with great enthusiasm.

Anyway, Women4Sports is giving really big numbers between now and December. “The perspective was to complete 300 registered athletes in one year and in about three months we made it happen. Tomorrow, the recruiter will pay the membership fee to be able to access this athlete reservation. Among brands, universities, clubs, and representatives today we have more than 80 people and the appreciation was much lower, because we felt that In all the businesses that we have opened, there is a great desire to contribute to it. People act very fast‘, they ruled.

The Women4Sports app is available for download on Android and iOS. All the information is also on their social networks like Instagram.

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