Warriors and Draymond Green reach the tense accommodation stage of a turbulent marriage: Kawakami


Essentially and practically, Draymond Green suspended himself, served the time and now will rejoin the team on Thursday. He moved out of the house to let things calm down. He’s coming back, but it’s still going to be tense.

Maybe that’s an overly simplified way to describe everything that has happened and all the extreme moods that have coursed through this franchise since Draymond punched Jordan Poole during a practice last week. Certainly, that doesn’t convey the hard work and crisis counseling performed by Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr, Bob Myers and many others to try to sew the team’s bonds back together; surely that fails to fully describe the full extent of Poole’s capacity for forgiveness. Possibly there is much, much, much more going on with this story and many more dimensions to consider.

But after Kerr announced late Tuesday night that Draymond would be joining the team on Thursday and probably would play in Friday’s exhibition finale, the fundamental part of this situation seems pretty clear and pragmatic. Draymond avoided official suspension by the Warriors simply because he still means too much to their hopes for a fifth championship of this era for that kind of public punishment, but they needed him away from the team for a period. So the Warriors and Draymond mutually agreed to a trial separation for a week.

It felt like light punishment. The Warriors know it feels like light punishment.



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