Tlaxcala: Nido del Zopilot, adrenaline at an altitude of 3300 meters

In Huamantla, in the state of Tlaxcala, there is an incomparable magical place that is connected with nature and makes you forget every day; About eagle’s nestwhich is a giant stone from which you can see the eastern region of the Matlalcueye crater, known as MalinchIt is also an ideal area for extreme rappelling.

This unique location is located in the community of Altamira. to enter La Malenche National Park You must have an approved permit or evidence. The walking tour starts from the highway, leaves cars parked for an hour on foot without any breaks and goes up to an hour and 40 minutes at a slow pace.

experts from Extreme Tlaxcala They are responsible for guiding the tourists on this seemingly easy but challenging journey and at the same time an experience surrounded by the dampness of the jungle and the noise of the animals that inhabit it.

“We are going down at this point, because the truck can no longer pass. We have entered the forest and we still have a very long way to go. Recommendations are basic: do not leave the path, do not throw garbage or objects and do not take anything from this natural area,” said Philip Palacios, Certified guide.

start walking

The tour begins at a point where cars can no longer enter, where the path through Matlalcueye Forest becomes narrow. The scenario is characterized by a humid and cold climate, the main elements of the site are the oakot trees over 20 meters high, cedar, oyamel, the characteristic vegetation of this place “lupine”Which paints the road violet with brown roots that make the ground slippery.

In the forest there are also more than 20 species of fungi and a great variety of birds, which surprise visitors with their songs, such as the case of Californian owls, red-tailed eagle, emblematic hawk hawk, known as the “Mexican condor”, owls, road drivers and ten species of birds The buzz that harbors this site 365 days a year.

In relation to terrestrial animals, they inhabit squirrels, wolves, wild cats, raccoons, armadillos, hares, hares, carrots and jerboas. You can see their passage on the ground, trees, and even the areas where they sleep.

The walk is four kilometers long and lasts one hour without rest, however, there are tourists who lengthen the route up to 40 minutes.

The path has various intricacies such as pitfalls, wet soil, plants, stumps and pineapples blocking the path, however, living in this experience is incomparable, as you will forget about technology and connect with the place that smells of wet earth and forest vegetation.

At each ascending step, the perception of a postcard image of La Malinche, from its eastern face, begins. The best vantage point to take a panoramic photo is the so-called “bunny stop,” which is the first vantage point where you can capture this adventurous moment.

After a long non-stop one-hour walk, you reach the top of this ecosystem that offers a view of the municipalities of Tlaxcala and the surrounding nature and Nido del Zopilote, a giant stone where extreme sports are practiced.

Abseiling to train here

Located at 3,330 meters above sea level, Zopilote’s Nest is the perfect place for adrenaline lovers. Rappelling is practiced in this space, an extreme sport based on coordination, concentration and the desire to live a new experience in the heights.

The Tlaxcala Extremo team, made up of Don Felipe, Antonio, Essid, Jesus and Jimmy, lead the area’s certified guides market and begin outfitting people venturing down 18 meters with a rope and helmet.

“What we do is assemble the equipment consisting of ropes, helmets, gloves, slings, and seat belts; the ropes are attached to the trees and to the equipment the customer is carrying. I always do a descent test to make sure everything is OK and give start instructions.”

The instructions are: stay calm at all times, get down with your legs open at hip height, manipulate the brakes and distance with the rope and never leave the machine.

“All participants are given a lifeline and are supervised at all times by a team of mentors, and we also provide what is necessary to protect and safety of those who come into confinement,” he said.


The main indications for those interested are wearing pants, jeans, a jacket, a sweatshirt, tennis shoes or boots. For ladies hair asks, not to carry backpacks or cargo bags, because it’s a long way to go. Bring water and desire to practice this extreme sport.

Also, for beginners, it is recommended not to climb quickly as it causes tachycardia which can cause fainting, so it is important to go slowly, with normal breathing, stop constantly and use tools such as sticks to open the path and recharge.

Finally, a guided hiking tour costs one hundred pesos. The price for a guided landing exercise is 800 pesos per person and 1,500 pesos per couple. On Facebook and Instagram, you can find the Don Felipe Palacios team called Tlaxcala Extremo, a place where you can schedule and quote group tours.


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