The rage on Kangoo Jump, the sport with jumping shoes that has become massive in suburban yards

As the sunset takes over the city, people begin to fill green spaces and recreational centers for sports and physical exercise. A disorder that has flourished with the arrival of an epidemic that does not seem to intend to disappear. In the german square Buenos Aires party San MartinFor example, spaces are pre-identified with colorful logos with the name of the gym or club they represent. It’s like this, like more entertainment It seems to be attracting new audiences.

From afar you can see a sign that flutters and says “Kanguo Leap”. The runners and pedestrians who walk the area not only cease to be curious about the address which at first glance does not separate anything – hinting a bit at kangaroo hopping in Spanish – but also by the adrenaline conveyed by the sport and this leaves a latent ambiance in the building. Full-size music, choreography for warming up, and cardiovascular aerobic to tone muscles are the accompanying three spices The jumping discipline that is all the rage in Greater Buenos Aires and sets the trend.

in town Villa Ballester There is no one who avoids stopping to notice this phenomenon that grows without scales. During their outdoor training, the activity is positioned as a “shopping” window that invites you to experience lessons without suppressing the desire of onlookers. Myriam Tejeda, exercise coach and founder of the sport in The northern area.

The bouncy shoes needed to perform kangoo jumps. Each weighs 2 kilos and also helps rehabilitate the ankles, knees and hips.

Miriam is 54 and became interested in sports nine years ago, shortly after the death of her daughter Florencia Rossi, who died while waiting for a heart transplant. Before she was known as the “Queen of the Plaza Realm” or as a reference for discipline, due to the energy that radiated into her classes, Tejeda was a rowing teacher. “I competed and trained every day,” he says. “In the long run, I put a lot of stress on my nerves, caused diabetes and had to quit smoking.”

But with no intention of giving up, the neighbor from San Martin investigated viable options so as not to lose the fun of training. It was there when he discovered on a foreign TV show a different but innovative exercise scheme, which combined the qualities he was looking for: Kangoo jumps. “It completely changed my mind because it gives me joy and pleasure. It started small, but I understood that I wanted to teach it so that it becomes a part of my daily life.”

Myriam explains that although it is considered a relatively new sport, in its infancy it aims to rehabilitate the ankles, hips and knees as an alternative health mechanism. However, with the passage of time, shoes began to be implemented in the world of fitness and Take on a wonderful force that drives in a strange way. “Each boots weighs two kilograms and they are very expensive because they come from the outside, which is why I give them to my students. They just have to bring socks. The good thing is that they do not hurt the joints, but improve the posture of the body and the spine.”

Miriam with her students at Plaza Alem (Villa Ballester) in San Martin County.

Miriam with her students at Plaza Alem (Villa Ballester) in San Martin County.

Myriam appreciates the early years on shoes as a memory that her experiences gave her. “At first I was tired, I was so restless and went down all red, but later I realized that made me so happy,” she says. Currently, he is training with Universal Jump Argentina courses to be “Host”, the vein that will allow you to travel and be the face of activity in other parts of the world. “I have plans to go to Miami and take part in the events.”

The system of lessons that Miriam gives is in Plaza Alam and also in the dance studio where she joined a few weeks ago, Monday through Friday, mostly in the afternoons. It is 60 minutes long and is divided into three stages– First there’s a warm-up with music, then comes the heart rate part with jumping, jumping, dancing and boxing techniques, and finally, put the shoes aside and get ready to stretch and relax for 10 minutes.

“I have an excellent relationship with my students. I am not only their Kangoo Jumps teacher, but I also help them generate self-esteem, a sense of beauty, health and vitality,” the teacher admits. In addition, it is not a secondary fact that Tejeda Provides shoes for those attending meetings. “Today on the market, a pair of shoes is between $70,000 and $80,000. A use can go up to $35,000.

Myriam provides shoes to her students.  Comments that it is an expensive sport because a new pair of shoes ranges between $70,000 and $80,000, while used shoes can fetch up to $35,000.

Myriam provides shoes to her students. Comments that it is an expensive sport because a new pair of shoes ranges between $70,000 and $80,000, while used shoes can fetch up to $35,000.

Depending on the cost of the activity, Miriam stresses that people can pay per class, where the price is close to $500, or under the monthly subscription option, which has a fee of $3,500.

Although the teacher who joyfully fills the San Martin space feels more comfortable among the greenery and trees of her city, the sport has become so popular that Already participate in birthday parties to liven up the meetings. “It started into an epidemic when I dressed up to attend live classes. After seeing my attraction, they called me to close an event in Patagonia where I went with my students. It was incredible, now my 15th birthday and international shows are coming up,” he concludes, excited about the future.

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