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Studies show that exercise usually helps improve mental function, independence, memory, speed, “body image” and a sense of well-being, and contributes to the prevention of non-communicable diseases. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, up to 5 million deaths a year could be avoided with a higher level of physical activity in the global population.

Hence the need to join forces so that this activity which is so necessary in the various stages of man, is available to all people regardless of their age or social status. In this sense, Compensar, faithful to its purpose of holistic well-being, is an organization that has been promoting various strategies for 43 years, finding in sport a real life development tool.

Thus, for Juan Manuel Rivadinera, Director of Recreation, Education and Sports at Compensar, “A very important issue is the way we relate sport to people’s different life cycles; from children, in their early childhood and into their teens; seeing these boys making their way as athletes and ending Being in a high performing team is really inspiring, because we are witnesses to how this is changing their lives and contributing to social transformation.”

A greater commitment to luxury

On the other hand, Compensar has identified the exponential growth of the elderly population and this number is expected to continue to increase in the next 25 years. This “brought us important challenges in dealing with older people who, due to various circumstances, faced significant challenges such as confinement and change in social relationships,” Rivadiniera adds. Incidentally, given Compensar’s constant interest in providing alternatives that allow people to enjoy active and healthy aging, the entity has developed a strategic plan called Older People, specifically to protect and ensure their quality of life, through healthcare and wellness. – to be balanced. This intervention model aimed at people over 60 years of age includes directed activities by both health professionals and teachers from various disciplines, which focus on promoting motor skills, stability and balance, and relationship activities, among many others.

In addition to the above, the Director of Recreation, Education and Sports at Compensar noted that “soon we will open the doors of the special center for the elderly in Fusagasugá, amid great weather, swimming pools and ample green spaces, among other things, will allow the elderly to connect with nature and work on motor activities led by wellness educators, which will encourage them to be more active through physical activity.”

Health and wellness with a differential approach

Thus, the entity continues to promote the differential care model, which is based on the integration of the areas of health and wellness, which means creating an ecosystem with multiple benefits in the quality of life of people. Juan Manuel Rivadineira adds, “We currently have a pilot group that we are starting to explore: today we already have 10,000 people participating in this health and wellness ecosystem and the idea is to continue to develop it, not only from a sports and physical activity point of view, but we are also talking about how we can help raise the bar. their livelihood, integrating our entire portfolio; to work for their physical, mental, social and spiritual balance, and to achieve a 360 vision of people’s needs.”

Compensar is applying this model in its comprehensive wellbeing centers (CBI), light and mixed-use offices, strategically located in different parts of the city, and in Sabana de Bogotá, including the offices of San Roque, Suba, Calle 94, Zona Franca and Autopista Sur, to facilitate Access to members and people in their environment. In the same sense, the opening of a new headquarters located in the Centro Mayor shopping center, in Bogotá, with an area of ​​more than eleven thousand square meters, an integrated offer of urban health, sports and leisure services, among others, is another example of this. The commitment of this entity to provide the city with an infrastructure focused on responding to the needs of its residents.

For all this, the Director of Recreation, Education and Sports at Compensar emphasizes that sport and physical activity, regardless of age, are the seed for discovering new and life-changing possibilities. “We are side by side with children and young people through a different training process, and we teach them through our sports schools, the principles and values ​​that train them for the future and allow us to contribute to the consolidation of a better society with commitment, honest, respectful, hard-working and resilient people.”

In this way and under a holistic view that considers the human being in his various dimensions, Compensar will continue to make efforts for the benefit of its affiliates and the population in general, to provide new possibilities of well-being for all people, with the conviction that sport raises the quality of life, a fundamental principle of development and social progress.

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