NFL Makes Official Stat Change to Dolphins’ ‘Butt Punt’


The NFL is making a change to the stat associated with the Dolphins’ infamous “butt punt” from their 21-19 win against the Bills on Sunday.

The league officially changed the “butt punt” from a blocked punt by the Bills to a minus-1 yard punt made by Miami’s Thomas Morstead. For fantasy players, it is worth noting, as the Bills’ defense will no longer be credited with a blocked punt and will lose a point or so, depending on league scoring settings, as a result.

The punt came in a critical moment and could have easily led to a Dolphins loss. With a 21-17 lead with under two minutes to play in the game, the Dolphins were forced to punt from their own endzone. Morstead tried to get the ball out of the backfield quickly but instead booted the ball into the backside of his personal protector, Trent Sherfield.



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