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Yes, not even Sixth mop He sails the Olympics (he also doesn’t serve as a flag protector), nor is he a mother Furry bingo player s Vickyfé influencerHe doesn’t ride anything (or anyone, I think). So, for now, the praise and comments from the sports book and cute balls are over. For this reason, they have to search for new references to worship behind the blue blood.

Let’s see… last Sunday there was an F-1 in a circle Emilia Romagna (before imola). Bad luck, for a change, for the Spanish drivers because the track was wet in sections and the track didn’t drain. Someone listened to “My Correspondent”the cave“It seemed that he died.”Alonso collar” also Sains «Ibn Sains“They were pouring buckets of water to dry.”Brand Spain“But when other non-Spanish drivers passed by, hundreds of people had hair dryers to dry the asphalt.

We also watched the cup final between Pettis and the Valencia at charterhouse. A stadium without exchange but they do not change the stadium. not important. the important is to Your Majesty Feel comfortable in a place where your ears don’t ring.

They always get bad luck, but when they win from time to time something like in a sport that is very popular and practiced by 95% of the population (like badminton), they get more greedy than Jose Angel de la Casa (White) tells the score 12-1 against beer

Nor is it new to glorify the national sport of Rojigodo, which we have been suffering from since the brothers Fernandez OchoaAnd 12 + 1 angel grandsonAnd Santana or callingUntil Rafael Nadal. They even wiped out the Spanish rugby team for passport falsification…everything is possible in the homeland of the picarisque and the bat. That’s yes, knowing in advance that in some football competitions you have to win with a yes or a yes Madrid or the Barcelona very very “ruby» Rubiales and the Jetta »JERDI» Effects Winning more than other teams that have been whitewashed (for ten years) by the Saudi dictatorship.

And in the plan Energy home, to the organization of performances before the sports finals, such as the last one seen in charterhouse Seville where the collaborator Jimenez Lusantos and the geek who lives on his hump.

As I expected before, like another super oblivion gara (Alaska) as the commission agent Juan Luis Rubiales so is RFEF. This union pulled out the most extravagant draw in history, too Alaska s Mario Vaquerizo They act as masters of the ceremonies with another theatrical performance by the couple, proclamations and scooping out balls while chanting (in their own style) the names of the teams.

But the newborn should be grateful for what these two spouses have declared.”We have to thank the Federation and its President because this crazy idea comes from you. It’s true that even though Mario and I shared onstage, we never really made a song together, a song made specifically to represent the King’s Cup. We are very happy about that«. As if it weren’t for the “composition” versus pasture titled “Podriot’s Hymn.”Celebrating is winning«.

The most reasonable question to ask might be how much does bowling cost and how much.”sticks“(Millions) could have been taken in the pocket.”ruby“yes”JERDI»(who has already entered the World Cup final organized by FIFA His wife screams and smashes our eardrumsWakawaka»In which, if we added the bubocellus, it was already possible to cut the veins (or leave them long).

But back toNational anthem“In the cup final, I will leave the lyrics to you so that you get the idea that any pupil or girl in elementary school can be better than”hinteletual» cowboy. My nephew from the second year of elementary school without going further:

Praise / Support / From the humblest to the most important / Joy in competition / Seeing the competitor grow up / Equal respect / Initiation of maximum passion / You have to dream / Everyone can fight / History and tradition / The ultimate champion / Celebration wins / Everyone can get there / Fans know it / There is no loser / You have to dream / The celebration is to win / Defend the friendship / And vibrate for another year with the cup / In competition / The heartbeat / With surprise and admiration / Show maximum emotion / You have to dream / Everyone can fight / History And lore / The ultimate champion / The celebration wins / Everyone can get there / The fans know it / There is no loser / You have to dream / The celebration is to win / If you are here / You will feel / The rush is coming / You have to dream / Everyone can fight / History and tradition/ The Champion of the Final / Celebration is Winning / Everyone Can Get There / Fans Know It / There Is No Loser / You Have to Dream / Celebrate Is Win / Celebrate Is Win / Celebrate Is Win / Being Part Of It Is Winning / The Rlo Intent Is To Win / Celebrate is win/

You see… Nevelon in its purest form. It is for “Brand Spain“It’s not that it’s bad, that’s either, but that it’s a real embarrassment.

Meanwhile, they are spying.

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