Michigan OC Sherrone Moore talks Penn State game, offensive tendencies, JJ McCarthy


ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Michigan football co-Offensive Coordinator Sharon Moore met with the media on Wednesday afternoon and previewed the Wolverines’ game against No. 10 Penn State.

Below is everything he said ahead of one of the biggest games of the year:

On JJ McCarthy’s comments that the Michigan offense is only scratching the surface of its potential:

I think they feel like we can get better at everything we do. Run, pass, play action, movement. Everything, every facet. They just feel like we’re — you can see glimpses of it, it’s up and down, but it’s not exactly where we want it to be. They know that we can make more strides to get there. The first practice yesterday was awesome. A lot of great energy, guys are fired up. A lot of great detail and execution. Excited about the plan and excited about where we’re going.

On facing Penn State’s stout run defense:

It all starts up front. Really good guys up front. Obviously starts with PJ (Mustipher) who’s played a lot of ball for them, coming back from injury, but is playing really well. The guys on the edges do a good job of building a wall. Their linebackers run to the ball, DBs aren’t afraid to tackle. So all in all, it’s a good defense. They do a good job of movement, a lot of blitzing, a lot of stunts, a lot of things to try to keep you off-balance. It’ll be a big challenge but we’re excited for it.

On the play-calling balance with Matt Weiss through half a season:

It’s been good. There’s a flow, we understand how we’re doing it, we understand what the flow is and it’s been good for us. Just continue to keep rolling.

On where he would like to see JJ McCarthy keep improving:

He’s just getting better every week. He’s progressing — obviously, this is really the first time he’s been a starter. Went to Iowa, played for the first time as a starter in an away game. He’s been really good. Just continue the progression, the patience, the poise that he has. Play with the confidence that he has.

We just tell him to be him, do the things that’s going to make him successful and make us successful. Just continue to do the little things. Go through the progression, find the open guy, make the proper readings and do the things that he’s been doing. Because obviously, he has all the talent in the world, so watching him progress has been really fun.

On if the Michigan offense has been as explosive as he wants:

Not as much. You really want to have an explosive play every play, but that’s not going to happen, right? We’ve been pretty balanced and I think that’s the thing. We go back and look at our self-scout, it’s super balanced with what we’re doing — run, pass and all the areas. Not as explosive as we want it to be but we’ve controlled the clock, we’ve done the things to help ourselves get to this point of 6-0 and now the goal is to take the next step offensively to do what we need to do to win this game.

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