Josh Allen claims the No. 1 spot, but Patrick Mahomes is hot on his heels


2022 stats: 1 game | 83.9 pct | 297 passing yards 9.6 ypa | 3 pass TD | 2 INT | 56 rushing yds 1 rush TD | 0 fumbles

I still remember the day when Sports Illustrated‘s 1988 NFL Preview showed up at my house. Splashed across the cover was my favorite player, Cleveland’s sidearm-flinging Bernie Kosar, beside a juicy caption: Last of the great quarterbacks? Even as an obsessed young Browns fan, the concept bugged me. How could one guy be the end of the line? Doesn’t humanity always find a way to surprise?

Late-’80s Football Heads would have exploded into a billion fragments at the sight of Josh Allen. His brilliant play against the Rams put his one-of-a-kind physical gifts on full display before Planet Earth: using his 6-foot-5, 237-pound alpha-doused framework to swat away a doomed defender, hurl his body into paydirt and patiently hunt for gold. Allen is built to overcome the occasional gaffe. His two picks — the first coming off an Isaiah McKenzie bobble that wound up in the hands of a defender — melt away against the overall body of work.

Allen’s chemistry with on-field dance partner Stefon Diggs is special. The game-sealing 53-yard touchdown shot to the wideout came with Allen darting away from defenders and hurling the ball while moving at 13.6 mph, the fastest recorded time on a completion of 50-plus yards in the history of Next Gen Stats. Having crossed over from our NFL offices to SoFi Stadium to watch this game live, it became clear: He’s the most physically dominant quarterback I’ve ever seen in person.


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