How To Stop Eagles’ Running Attack?


The Cowboys did outstanding against the Rams and held them to 38 yards on the ground. The Eagles are a better running team, probably better than the Giants if you compare Daniel Jones and Jalen Hurts, and the Cowboys had issues with the Giants’ running game. What do they do differently to stop the Eagles?MICHAEL SHAFER / SPARKS, NV

Kyle: I’d agree that Philly compares more to the Giants rushing attack than they would to Los Angeles. That Rams offensive line wasn’t able to establish any leverage and I’m not anticipating that being a problem for the Eagles. Where New York really hurt the Dallas run defense was outside the tackles. Getting to the edge and taking advantage of how overly aggressive the Cowboys front seven is at times, was just how they tallied most of their 167 yards on the ground. This week the cornerbacks off the edge and the outside containment have to build on their Week 5 success and continue improving. Additionally, the linebackers have to stay disciplined with their eyes and stay true to their assignments as Philidelphia looks to confuse them on their run-pass-options.

Nick: I would say the Giants actually have a better running back in Barkley but overall, yes the Eagles seem to have a better overall running attack, and it starts with the quarterback. I think the biggest thing the Cowboys need to do is put a spy on Jalen Hurts at times. I think it’s important to say “at times” because there’s really nothing that teams will do all the time. If the Cowboys committed a spy to Hurts on every play, the Eagles will tend to take advantage of that. It’ll be a chess match and I trust Dan Quinn to come up with a plan that will win a lot of battles. It’s going to be a fun game for sure. The Cowboys must stop the big play. They gave up two against the Rams and it led to 10 points, but only 10 points. If they can keep the Eagles from getting big plays – either pass or run – they should be in good shape.


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