Generalitat doubled in 4 aid for women’s sports to promote equal opportunity

Women’s sport is going through a critical stage in our country. Camp Nou has amassed two consecutive world attendance records with Champions League matches for its unbeatable women’s team, Catalonia hosted its first Women’s Handball World Cup in Granollers, and soon we will be hosting the Field Hockey World Cup in Terrassa and the European Softball Championships in Gava, Barcelona, ​​Villadecans and Saint-Germain Puy de Lobregat, and every year the list of women’s sports icons increases. Alexia Putellas receives the Golden Ball from Laia Palau, Laia Sanz, Núria Picas, Mireia Belmonte … with promises or young truths like Ariana Sánchez, Mireia Benito, Aitana Bonmatí, Paula Badosa or Bea Ortiz.

“Prosperity” also has a translation in other, more general numbers, the Federal Women’s Figures. In the past 10 years, women’s sports licenses have increased by 20%, reaching 163,000 and already representing 27% of the total. Breaking down stereotypes and overcoming the frame of mind for men’s and women’s sports.

However, women’s sport with a disability begins to emerge, recognition and normalization accumulated over many years, always. This is why it is still absolutely essential that you receive more support.

The Government of the General headed by Pierre of Aragon set itself the goal of making this the “legislature of women’s sport”. Last April, while introducing the new lines to support women’s sport and assist clubs in international competitions, the CEO announced that the government, through the General Secretariat for Sports and Physical Activity (SGEAF), would quadruple the aid. Dedicated to women’s sports, it reached 3 million euros. A qualitative leap for the 750,000 euros allocated in 2021.

As the General Secretary for Sport and Physical Activity, Anna Kaula, explained that they want by these means to “empower the Catalan sports system. Increase economic support, especially in the women’s field, so that it stands out, generates references and corrects inequalities”. The Minister of the Presidency, Laura Villagra, stressed that the aid represents “a very important qualitative and quantitative leap in support of the Catalan sports world”.

Aside from the budget increase, another novelty of the specific assistance program for women’s teams is that it will not only reach clubs participating in the state’s highest categories but also those participating in the second highest categories, which will allow support for more teams.

This is part of all the actions SGEAF does to help promote and highlight women’s sports. Other channels of support have been sponsorship of related events such as Estrella Damm by the Catalunya Ladies Open de Golf, the first women’s team at Dakar 2022 and the Massi-Tactic UCI women’s cycling team, explaining the push in male sport or support | Support the organization of high-level competitions such as the Granollers Handball World Cup and subsequent competitions, the European Softball Championship and the World Cup for Field Hockey, as well as the creation of the Sabadell U-14 Women’s and Men’s Open Club Barcelona.

With regard to the Second Aid Program, linked to the participation of men’s and women’s clubs in international competitions (the Catalonia Program in the World), the Executive is also making relevant efforts to ensure the participation of the country’s clubs in major international tournaments.

As a newcomer, the government also wants to keep pace and be recognized for the efforts and successes of the high-level men’s and women’s teams, with two new lines of assistance: one, to support teams that have moved up into state categories, and two, for teams with relevant results in the highest state categories.

Increasing financial support for the Catalan sports fabric

In addition to this assistance package for clubs in Catalonia, the SGEAF budget increase, through Consell Català de l’Esport, translates this 2022 to other areas of the Catalan sports system.

In the first place, 14,250,000 euros will be allocated to support the work of the Catalan sports federations during the 2021-2022 season. Aid reinforces the commitment to support the activity of the 71 federations, in a season when they are still experiencing the consequences of the pandemic.

Secondly, SGEAF will provide Consells Esportius €6 million to support the development of school sports programs promoted by the government: School Sports in Catalonia, the Catalan Plan for School Sports, White Sports School, Blue Sports School and Fitjove. that promote physical activity as an educational, health and value tool for young people.

Thirdly, the government will increase up to 6 million euros in the amount of assistance to entities to implement sports activities and events that have a significant impact on the entire sports system in Catalonia or are of social and historical significance, which are implemented during 2020-2021 and 2021-2022.

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