Draymond Green has ‘work to do’ to regain Warriors’ trust, Kevon Looney says


Kevon Looney played the Warriors’ preseason game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday without his usual frontcourt partner Draymond Green, as the latter took time away from the team to recollect himself after his altercation with Jordan Poole.

Following Golden State’s 124-121 loss to the Lakers, Looney shared his thoughts on the situation.

“It’s been different, it’s been complicated,” Looney told reporters. “We had a lot of things happen here in my time but a lot of things usually get to stay in-house and we get to handle most of the time like that.

“It’s a little different with it being out in public and all the outside commotion weighing in on people’s decision or why people think.”

What’s more, although Looney says the situation is “difficult,” he feels Golden State has the leadership and “right” people, like Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala, to get through it.

“Whenever adversity hits, this team usually responds the right way and this is the ultimate test for us and I think we’ll be able to get through it,” Looney continued.

The Warriors’ 26-year-old center added that while Poole will be left to his own devices, it is up to Green to repair the damage he has caused as a veteran and a leader of the team.

“He’s got some work to do to get that trust back from us, but I think he’s willing to do it,” Looney concluded.

It seems as if Green is taking the necessary steps to regain his team’s trust, first by apologizing to Poole and the Warriors for his lapse in judgment and then taking time away. to get in the right headspace.

While it appears Green is on the right path, NBC Sports Bay Area’s Monte Poole explained how some within the Warriors organization could be skeptical that the 32-year-old can change his ways.

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It remains to be seen what kind of impact Green’s time away from the team will have on the veteran forward.

For the time being, however, Looney has faith in Green’s ability to repair the damage and regain his teammate’s trust.

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