Deion Sanders Jr. Reactions to the Handshake Incident at Alabama State


Tensions ran high at the end of Saturday’s matchup between Jackson State and Alabama State when Hornets coach Eddie Robinson Jr. appeared to push Deion Sanders away as the Tigers coach went in for a hug during the pair’s postgame exchange.

After JSU earned a 26–12 victory on the road–and during Alabama State’s homecoming festivities–Sanders made his way to midfield to shake Robinson’s hand. The two did so without a problem, but when Sanders went in for a hug, Robinson Jr. blocked him by putting his hand on Sanders’ chest.

The awkward interaction sent shockwaves around the college football world, as many observers were surprised to see the postgame exchange play out the way it did. Deion Sanders Jr., Coach Prime’s son, was among those who weighed in on the drama on social mediamaking it clear that he felt his father did nothing wrong.



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